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Worst High Heel Trampling (true story)



Worst High Heel Trampling (true story)

by Bootlover
 This post is for you to tell the worst you endured under her high heels.
I must admit that high heels full weight trample is for me the best. I
love the look of my gf as she knows how much she can hurt me with a
single step. She loves pushing the limits and her high heels perfectly
fit the job. The mix of pain and pleasure is awesome but it happens that
pain takes over. That's what

I'd like to learn from you. When you feel you're almost dying under her
feet but still doesn't want her to stop... Here's my story for the
hardest trampling I had until now.

It was the end of a hot day in Summer. I went back home after a day of
work and was wondering if she would be ok to give me a trample session.
We started doing some sessions not long ago and I was not yet really
comfortable to ask her about it, but I know she had fun when doing it
and she liked having me at her feet. I was surprised when entering the
flat as she was not here yet. She usually come back at least one hour
before me. I changed clothes then eased myself and started watching a
game on TV. Not long after, I heard the keys in the door and she
entered. Dressed to kill with a white blouse, black skirt and opened toes
block heeled sandals. Her blond hair was falling

in a mess on her shoulders. I quickly noticed that something was wrong,
as her angel face has an annoyed air. I got up and went to her for a
quick kiss then asked "Hard day honey ?". "...the least we can say" she
replied throwing away her bag then sitting on the couch to try to relax.

I sat down beside her and listened to her telling her day. Some assholes
kept disturbing her all day to ask stupid things and her boss gave her
an awful report to do, which had to be ready for the end of this day...
She was pissed off and really needed to relax. I knew she would prefer
being alone for a moment to do what she wanted to, but I took my
chance:"I know how you can ease yourself baby" She hardly looked at me
as she grabbed the remote to change the channel. I went on my knees then
started to untie her shoes, then removed them. I took her left feet and
started to slowly

massage it. She looked at me, strenched her leg then let her head fall
and said "Oh yeah, thank you my dear..." I massaged both her bare feet
then asked her how she felt. "Really better now, you're a sweetheart".
"It's not over... You need to completely let the stream off now" I said
while getting up. She examined me as I left the room. I came back with
the carpet gym in one

hand and a pair of her boots in the other. It was her knee high heeled
black boots. The heels were not very high but sharp. She had already
trampled me with these but not for long and she liked it as she said it
was easier for her to remain on my body without falling with these
shoes. She stared at me as I dropped down the carpet in the frame of the
door and she smiled as I
approached her with the boots. I knelt down and she immediately strenched
her legs, one after the other so that I could put the boots on her
feet. I then stood up and she stood up right after me; she looked to be
impatient. I walked to the carpet, she was right behind me and I could
hear her heels

slamming on the floor. What a wonderful sound... I removed my shirt
then lied on the carpet on my back.

Without an hesitation she put one feet on my belly then stood on it with
both feet. Her heels dug into my flesh as she moved a little to get in a
good position. She used the frame of the door to keep balance. "I got a
little fatter these days honey, can you feel it ?" With this she leaned
on her heels and the pain came awesome. "Not really" I answered "The
same thing for me...". "You're so strong..." she said ironically. She
started walking on the spot for two or three minutes then she put all
her weight on the sole of the boots then suddenly leaned on the
heels.She did this many times and I got concentrated to endure it. The
pleasure I had being under her was overtaking the pain. After this she
got off then stood each feet on one of my thighs. She then proceeded to
walk over my body as if I was some kind of bridge. She took full weight
steps from my belly to my upper chest, got off, then walk over me again.
She went back and there 8 times, then the 9th she stopped on my upper
chest and started walking on it. Her 145 pounds were

crushing my ribs and her heels stabbing me with no mercy... The pain was
intense but this was heaven.While doing this, she was looking at me in
the eyes, not even smiling but I felt she enjoyed it and was really
relaxing herself by trampling me. I surely have a trample fetish but I
was almost sure that she loved inflicting pain... And the way she felt
my body tense under her, the way my breathing intensified when being
under her heels... she just loved this. After a while she stopped
walking, leaned on the heels then heavily ground them on my ribs. She
planted her heels then moved them from left to right. The pain was
electrifying and I Unconsciously waved my arms in the air. She released
me then did it again, smiling at me. I concentrated to prevent a scream
from going out then grabbed her ankle. "Enough honey ?" she asked as she
stopped grounding the heels but still let them sink into me. I took a
breathe "No...go on sweety, I'm yours.I Just love to touch your
boots..." That was wrong. The growing pain made me caught her feet to
stop them crushing me... It was just a reflex that I couldn't refrain.
She lifted her feet one after the other to place her heels a little lower
on my ribcage then started again grounding them. I made my best to take
it and smile to her.

After 3 minutes of this, the place where her heels were planted was
hurting me like hell and I couldn't bear it anymore. I needed her to
move the heels somewhere else. So, I tried or in fact feigned to lift
one of her feet with my hand. She froze and looked at me, her eyes were
asking why I was doing this.

Without thinking much, I pulled her ankle and then led her feet to my
head. Big mistake, as she put all her weight on the foot resting on my
chest, while the other was in the air, and the heel pressed even harder
on me. I moaned a little as I drove her feet to rest on my head, the
sole on my forehead and the heel on my chin. The heel was just high
enough for her not to crush my nose."Hum...OK !" she said. With this she
started to ground her feet on my head, at first lightly then with more
and more weight as she noticed that

I didn't complain. It was great pleasure again and the pain inflicted by
the other heel on my ribs seemed to decrease. She played with my head
some time then push on the side so that her heel was on my chick. "Is it
too much if I step on your head ? Will it burst or no ?" I heard her
laughing. She then changed the position of her feet to put the sole of
the boot in the middle

of my head turned on the side. I realized that she was not joking.
"Honey, please don't..." "Don't what ? You are my Iron man, don't you ?"
she told in a laugh. "Sure... but this will hurt much... I don't know
if... please my love, you can do whatever you want but I don't know

She cut : "That's what I'm doing, everything I want and I love you for
let me doing this to you. I do love to see how strong you are and what
you accept to take from me..." This made my last defense fall... I
didn't want to disappoint her. "OK...OK..." I just said. "Good boy" she
said with enthusiasm.

Then I felt her sole pressed heavily on my skull as she walk on it to
got off. "See... no problem..." as she put again one foot on my head and
stepped on it to stand on my chest, her head looking to my legs.

She planted her heels not far from my throat and the pain was
overwhelming. I moaned noisily and she began walking on the spot again,
crushing on heels on my upper chest. She the advanced to my belly and

around on it to face me then came back on my ribs. The pain was
irradiating all my chest and I couldn't take more but I was unable to
ask her to stop. She was so beautiful and I loved her dominant behavior.

I would have have died at her feet instead of saying something.

She suddenly lift her right boot and lead it right above my head. She
froze and threatened me with her heel. Without thinking I kissed the
sole of her boot... one time, two times, three times... "Oh yeah...Good

She said as she leaned on the heel planted on my chest. I endured the
pain and asked "Would like me to lick your boots honey ? Would like to
see me doing this ?" "Great..." she answered "You know these are clean

as I didn't wear them outside the house yet. But They need to be
cleaned, do the job honey !!" I started licking with passion. She stared
me doing and had fun moving her foot to have all the surface get done.

She then gave me the other foot and I did the same to it. Then she had
enough of me licking and she rested both feet on my chest. After all
this time, I think my ribs would start collapsing under her.

She just stood there and stared at me with a smile on her face. She
looked satisfied and I loved her look. Suddenly she grab the frame of
the door and told me "I advise you to contract your muscles right

With this I felt the pressure she applied on me grow quickly, she then
took off and landed heavily on me. Her heels slammed into my ribcage and
I moaned in pain. "I know you could take it.." she said. She jumped
about 10 more times one me... After the last I grabbed both her ankles, I
was tensed to the max and out of breath. She stayed there one minute
looking at me under her, trying to recover then she got off. I was
really exhausted and my chest was hurting like hell, I didn't move. She
squat and her funny air changed as she watched the marks she did on my
body with her heels. "My God... I pushed it too far..." She was shocked
with what she had done. She move her hand along the marks to see how
deep they were. "I'm so sorry dear, why didn't you tell me... I drive
you to the hospital or something..."

"No, it's OK my love" I moaned. "I will recover, I'm OK...Just...tired".
"You should have told me..." she said. "Not to worry... I appreciated
this you know. I love to be at the feet at my princess..."

She smiled. "I'm heavy... and those heels... I didn't realize... You're crazy !" "Maybe... But now you're

relaxed... so do I !" "Did I tell that I loved you ?" she said. She then got up and helped me to stand up...

I never experienced a harder trampling with high heels. Up to you now, let us know the worse you had.

No need of a story like mine with details, just facts...

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Office After Lunch Experience

Office After Lunch Experience
by Shoepete

It seemed like just another normal day at work as the morning dragged on. I was just finished setting up a new computer for one of the girls in the office as she left for lunch. She was nothing extra special to look at but she was a nice girl with a nice body. When I had eventually finished I went to her desk to install it. She likes to keep the base unit on the floor and the screen and keyboard etc on the desk.

I unplugged all the old wires and removed the old base unit and started plugging in the new one. As we were short staffed today I knew I would have to rush so she could get back to work when she came back from lunch but I had taken too long as she was back already. “I won’t be a minute I said” and she said not to worry. She started shuffling papers on her desk and from here I could admire her boots. They were just ordinary well worn boots with an inch platform and quite thick heels. We used to joke about me sucking on her toes and one day she just took off her boots and socks and said there you go.

I drifted off into fantasizing when all of a sudden everything changed. She suddenly said, “I’ve always wanted to be taller” and with that up she climbed, left foot first followed by her right foot. She was about 5ft 5 tall and weights about 9stone so it wasn’t much weight but I was just so surprised.

“You don’t mind” she said as she stood perfectly still. “You carry on I said”, highly unlikely to say anything else as I was in heaven. “I wonder what the view is like with these extra inches” as she started shuffling around. She had her hands on the desk for balance as she moved gingerly around on my stomach and crept up towards my chest. I tried desperately to move further out from the desk so she could walk over my chest too. Fortunately there was only the two of us in the office or I think she would have been off long ago.

“Look what I have done to your shirt” she said. On her way back from lunch she must have walked through some wet soil as there was dirt and mud ingrained into the shirt. I had remembered admiring the mud on the side of her platform soles and heels as she stood in front of me but when she stepped up the thought had just gone. Now the thought of her trampling me and ruining my shirt at the same time was so exciting, “Well you’ve done it now. You might as well clean them up properly”. With that she slid the sides of her soles across my chest hoping to clean off the remaining mud and then followed the heels. As she dragged her heels across I felt and heard the shirt rip. “I’m so sorry” she said but I begged her to keep going.

Now that she had cleaned her boots off I asked her what she was going to do. With that she started walking up and down my chest onto my stomach, giggling all the time. She looked like she was having fun and I was certainly enjoying this. She lifted her heels and shuffled her boots from side to side on my chest as I felt what little of the sole pattern was left rub into me.

With that she lifted her right foot and undid the zip on the boots. She put her foot back on my chest and holding the heel with her left foot stepped out onto my chest. I knew from before that her feet sweat a lot and as I felt it land on my chest I could feel the warmth and moisture. She repeated the same with the other foot and now both feet were on me wearing just socks. Do you want to smell my feet she said as she knocked one of her boots to my face. I loved the smell of her boot, you could just feel the warmth from where her foot had been in there all morning. “You can smell the real thing if you want” as she lowered her still sock covered foot onto my face. The smell was so incredible and the feeling of all the sweat just made me so excited. Do you want the other one too? she asked. I nodded so she put all her weight on the right foot on my face and brought up the left foot which she also place on my face. She stood for about 5 seconds and then moved back to my chest.
“Maybe you want to suck my toes now” she asked. The socks came off and she placed one foot right in front of my mouth. I opened and took her foot into my mouth sucking furiously at her toes.

Up until now she hadn’t noticed the growing bulge in my trousers but by now it was absolutely huge. She must have noticed it as she said “You like this don’t you?” I loved every minute of it. This was like a wild fantasy come true for me and she probably had no idea that she was doing this for me. As she removed her foot from my mouth I asked her to come down to me. I told her what I wanted to do now so we picked up the keys for the first aid room on the top floor and without going into detail we made excellent use of the facilities.

I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow but needless to say I had to spend my lunch hour buying a new shirt. I don’t think anybody noticed the little muddy patches on the trousers.

Antique Shop Crush

Antique Shop Crush
by unknown author

It has been a few years since I have actually had any part of my anatomy crushed by a woman so this experience last week was a real treat. Now that I am married, I find that it is a little harder to get my fingers trampled while not only trying not to be noticed by the woman stepping on them but also my wife. I mean, I'm sure she would get pissed at me being turned on by having parts of myself trampled by some other, strange woman. Anyway, I was on vacation last week, and she had to work so I was all on my own for a whole week. I always liked antiques and especially enjoyed looking for antique audio equipment and lp records. I went to this large antique barn where they have the place broken up into several little office like areas which house each dealer's wares. This day, there were a lot of women there. Most ranged in age from thirty something to the mid 40's with a few younger and a few older thrown in for good measure. I was walking around looking as much at the ladies as the antiques when I came upon a rather large shelf full of lp records. It seems that the records are always on the lower shelves and this display was such that there was a long row of them on the lowest shelf. I started thumbing through the lps when a movement caught my eye. I looked to my side to see a very shapely pair of legs and a real fine ass at about my face level. I looked up to see that this was a woman of about 40, with light brown shoulder length hair. She may have been 40, but had a body of an eighteen year old. I looked down only to find a gorgeous pair of feet in a very sexy pair of black high heeled sandals. The heels were those new kind which look to be about 2" wide from the back and about 1/4" wide from the side. I was looking at those feet as much as the records. As I watched she stepped tot he side and her heel landed squarely on a pencil. You could see the pencil bend under her weight and could also hear it crack and crunch as she shifted all her weight to that heel. She stood on it for a couple minutes without even noticing or caring. Then she stepped closer to me. I kept thumbing through the records and shifted a little closer to her. As I did I placed my one hand on the ground as if to support myself. She stepped a little closer again. This time we were close enough to each other that I could slide my hand and touch her heel. I had my fingers actually touching her heel. I could not resist just touching her shoe and feeling that heel as she stood there. Then the stood up on her toes to get something from an upper shelf. I figured it was now or never so I slid my fingers under her heel. In a couple seconds I was rewarded with her full weight on my fingers. That heel mashed my index and middle fingers into the floor mercilessly. She stood there looking at some glass object for a couple minutes. As she did, she would shift her weight off and on my fingers. When her weight was on the food that was on my fingers, her heel dug in with such pressure that it brought tears to my eyes. After about 2 minutes, she stood back up on her toes and put the item back up on the shelf. Then she came back down on my fingers hard, twisted on her heel, which ground my fingers into the floor and hurt like hell and looked at me. I guess she realized she had just stepped on my fingers. She gave a casual glance and matter of factly said "I guess that must of hurt" in a sort of 'Ooooo Poor you' sort of voice and just strutted off. It was all too obvious that she could have cared less if she had broken my fingers. Well, my fingers had some nice scrapes and bruises on them. As a souvenir I picked up the pencil she had crushed and still have it as a remembrance of that day.

Office Machines Repairman

Office Machines Repairman
by unknown author

A few years ago, I had a job repairing office machines. One day I was working in this office and the space I had to work in was constantly being crossed by some rather fine looking women. Most wore high heeled shoes and there was about a fifty fifty mix of women wearing slacks and dresses. Since this machine was a copier, I laid down a standard paper type disposable drop cloth so as to keep any of the toner off the floor. I had a housing I needed to repair sitting on the drop cloth and I was kneeling down and working on it. As I was working on this unit, a tall middle aged woman came by and walked across the end of my drop cloth with her spike heeled shoes. Her heels left some really nice imprints on the drop cloth. I found that watching this was a real turn on so I decided to reposition the drop cloth so that the women had to walk across it to go down this small corridor between the wall and this partition which separated the copier from the first desk. The drop cloth was 6' by 3' so I had plenty of room to do my work on one end while having a perfect setup to enable me to watch the women step on it with their spike heels. Well, as you can imagine, I took my sweet time working on this puppy! Watching these women step on the drop cloth was amazing. I didn't have to wait long before two rather attractive women in their 20's started walking towards me. One was wearing a nice pair of strappy high heeled sandals and the other was wearing a pair of black pumps with 4" heels. Both walked on the drop cloth without breaking their stride and left those nice little heel dents in the drop cloth. It was amazing to see how the drop cloth gave under the pressure of their thin heels. I worked and watched as a parade of women walked across the drop cloth leaving their heel prints. After about 30 minutes, the drop cloth had a ton of heel prints on it. The one section where they seemed to step the most had a heel print on almost every square inch of it's surface! Well, this was really turning me on and making me think. These women were paying absolutely no attention to me, what with being a lowly service man, so, I thought that if they were having no problem stepping on this drop cloth, I wondered if they would even notice if they stepped on my hand if I slid it under the drop cloth. I positioned myself such that my left hand was on the ground as if to support myself, and under the cloth at the edge of the area where there were a lot of heel dents in the drop cloth. I waited.. In a few minutes, the middle aged woman who was the first to step on my drop cloth walked by, just missing my hand. As I figured, she had no idea my fingers were just inches away from where her heel left a dent in the drop cloth. I only had a few moments to ponder this when I noticed a young blond walking my way. I waited.. She stepped on the drop cloth close enough to touch my little finger with the toe of her shoe. A near miss! Man, was I getting into this. A few seconds later, the middle aged woman started walking back my way. She was about 5'6, 150 lbs and wearing dress pants, a form fitting top and high heel sandals with 4" heels. This time, though, another woman was coming from the other direction. I thought for sure I'd get my hand stepped on this time. But, to my surprise, they both stopped right next to me standing on the drop cloth, and started talking about something to do with their business. They were oblivious to me. They both wore those sexy high heeled sandals. They were standing on the drop cloth right in front of me. I could see the cloth strain under their heels. One even turned on her heel and made an amazing impression in the drop cloth. Well, I figured this was my opportunity. I slowly slid my fingers closer and closer to the middle aged woman's heel. I was actually touching her heel through the drop cloth. Her heel was about 1/2" square and had a hard plastic tip. I kept my fingers such that some were to the left of the heel and some to the right so that if she raised up and shifted slightly I would not have to reposition my hand to get my fingers stepped on. I was in this position for what seemed like a long time. I figured I should make some attempt at looking like I was doing something constructive with this housing I was supposedly working on so I took my eyes off the two Ladies feet. before I could even start to look busy I felt this incredible pressure, followed by a searing pain in the ring finger of my left hand. I looked over to see that the middle aged woman had shifted her foot and was standing with her heel on my finger! I could see by the way her ass was tilted that pretty much all her weight was on her right foot which was on my finger. Although the floor was carpeted, her weight on that small heel was astonishing. My finger hurt so much I almost made an audible gasp. She just stood there and talked. When she laughed at something the other woman said, she kind of bounced and rocked on her heel which really intensified the pain. The initial thought of having this, or any woman step on my fingers was a real turn on, but now it was becoming a painful nightmare. I had all I could do to keep from tapping her leg and begging her to release my finger from under her heel. After what felt like several minutes, she shifted her weight off the heel and I was able to slowly slide my finger out from under it. I was about to pull my hand out when all of a sudden I heard her say something, then step aside. Thinking I was caught I froze with my hand still under the drop cloth. But in an instant I realized she did this because a couple other women needed to get buy. Before I knew what was happening, an attractive, red head, the type with a few extra pounds, but with a fine figure, stepped squarely on my hand. She was in her early 20's and probably tipped the scales at 150+. then as she stepped off, the girl behind her, a petite brunette, caught the back of my hand squarely with the spike heel of her white pump. Man, did that hurt! She could not have weighed more then 110 lbs, but I thought for sure her heel went through my hand. After those two passed, the middle aged woman stepped back to where she was and right on my ring and little fingers with the ball of her foot. This was no where near as bad as when she was standing on my finger with her heel. Finally the two women decided to go their separate ways. The middle aged woman standing on my fingers turned on her foot, grinding my fingers into the carpet and walked off. I just sat there stunned. I was in a kind of stupor. The kind you get from being turned on and amazed all at the same time. One thing I forgot was that I still had my hand under the drop cloth. I looked up just in time to see the red head coming back. She wore nice tight dress pants and a very tight knit top and some really fine wood sole high heel sandals. As I looked up at her, she stepped on the drop cloth with her left foot, then stepped on my middle finger with the heel of her left shoe. Her heel was the classic wood type so popular in the late 70's and 80's and was thinner then the middle aged ladie's heel. Although her heel was only on my finger for the time it takes to make one stride, I was amazed at the pain and pressure. I thought she had broken my finger. But I didn't even have time to ponder this as the little brunette who stepped on me before again stepped on the center of my hand with her heel as she too walked past. Well, it was high time I was out of there. I reassembled the machine, with a bit of trouble since my left hand was somewhat dysfunctional thanks to the women who had trampled it, and carefully packed up my heel marked drop cloth and left. When I was in my truck, I just stared at my hand and all the damage these women had done. I could see scrapes, bruises and such all over my hand. The best were the heel scars on the back of my hand left by that little brunette. Her heels could not have been much more then 1/4" by 1/4". One thing I have noticed is that small women seem to love very thin spike heels. The thinner the better it seems. You would be surprised at how much pain a 100 lb 5' girl can inflict with those ultra thin spike heels!

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First trampling (Eva)

First Trampling (Eva)
by Comodus

Well, I have one from my older childhood, as I was 10, maybe 11 then. I spent my vacation in house of far branch of my family. A big house, with large attic and mazed cellar. It was my cousin Eva (not real name) there, aged 21, nice girl, quiet but of character, slightly higher than me but much heavier (I was rather thin for my age, so she was nearly twice my weight). She had gorgeous body and slender legs with nice feet, and unlike most of my female friends she liked to wear shoes at home and step on things. Many times I was fantasizing about her trampling me, but as I was (read: I still am) shy person, I've never got enough courage to arrange things my way.

It was hot summer, quite stuffy, so we were in shorts, T-shirts and sneakers. That day we were leisuring in the morning, she drank some beer and allowed me to drink whole bottle (it was our little secret, as my parents didn't let me drink anything with alcohol that age). Afternoon she asked me to help her moving books from her room to the attic, 'cos she had had to prepare shelves for repainting. Eva's family had very impressive library: whole 4m high and 7m long wall of bookshelves! Additionally there were two more 4m high bookcases on the attic, where old and unused books were stored. She moved all books from lower shelves, but there were a lot of them on higher ones, which she couldn't reach.

Unfortunately () there were no ladder in the house, all suitable furniture were old and too precious to climb on it (Ludwig XIV or even XV and XVI together), all we could use was old, unstable osier chair. I've been in trampling for a few years then, additionally beer made me bolder than usually, so I've tried to get use of the occasion and asked her if she would like to climb on me to reach the books. She disagreed, but once she stepped on the chair, its leg twisted and she barely avoided hard touchdown. Now she had two choices, as I've imagined it: to climb on the shelves themselves (which was very uncomfortable and little dangerous, as they could have collapsed or overturned) or to take advantage of my body. But she apparently was afraid of her weight, so she ordered me to climb on her.

I've taken my shoes off and she made saddle with her hands, I've put my foot on it, then climbed up and finally stood one leg on her stretched hands. I was not heavy, but she was not strong enough to hold me for long and after a few seconds she groaned and ordered me to step down. I told her of two of us I am a male, and although I seem weak, I am much stronger than you. After short discussion finally she consented I could be useful as the ladder.

Now it was her turn to remove shoes not to dirty me. I've cowered and made saddle from my hands, she put her bare foot on them then carefully and slowly applied pressure until she stood one leg on my stretched hands. She asked me if she was not too heavy, she was heavy, but I said she was light like a feather. It must have pleased her, because she became more confident and less delicate after that. I've stretched my legs and lifted her up, while she hold the shelves to keep the balance. She was unaware that her foot was pressing my groin - that was really what I had intended to achieve. As I was unable to take the books from her, she repeatedly took a few books, stepped down to the floor, left them on it and then climbed on me again. I've tried to grab her heel rather to force her touching my groin with her feet. As I've said she was rather heavy for me and it was hard struggle to hold whole weight of her in my hands. After a few squats with extra double of my weight I was nearly spent, but said no word of complaint. And finally she gathered enough load to carry it upstairs, put her sneakers on, we split the books amongst us and headed to attic. If the room was rather clean, in attic there were a lot of dirt and dust. Eva tried to slid off her shoes and simultaneously not to step on dirty floor, but with handful of books she lost her balance and stepped on the floor. I've squatted and she stepped on my hands again, placed books on the shelf and stepped down. I've looked at my hands and noticed they're all dirty from dust. I've told her about it, so she examined her feet - soles were soiled black. I told her to put her sneakers on, because there is no difference she stepped on me with dirty feet or shoes. Needless to say: I've always preferred being stepped with shoes rather than barefoot.

She looked for some rug to clean her feet but as she couldn't find any finally she stepped on old plush armchair and wiped her feet on its seat and arms. But she forgot to take her shoes with her and now she would have to walk all over the dirty floor again to put them on. So she asked me to bring them to her, then (still standing on the armchair's seat!) she put'em on her feet. Now she noticed dirty footmarks she made on plush with her bare feet. She giggled and started to rub her sneakers all over the armchair's surface! Now I was aroused! I asked her what with my hands?, she answered just wipe them on the armchair and, standing on one foot, examined sole of her sneaker. Look, this plush has real cleaning power. As she was still on the seat I've put my hands on it too, trying to wipe them as close to her feet as possible. She stepped from foot to foot and with one step accidentally (ha!) stepped on my fingers. Look out or I'll step on your hand and crush your bones she said. It was a challenge! You wouldn't manage I've dared her and started to move my hands quickly over the seat. She tried to pinch it with her foot, but I haven't let her to do it, just to make her little angry and less cautious. And after a few tries she finally caught my hand under her heel. I've put it on the arm of the chair on purpose, because it was much harder than soft seat. And what now? she asked with low voice, slowly applying pressure to my hand. Go ahead I've said daringly you can't hurt me!. I was almost there! But then she hesitated, pressed my hand little more, stepped back on the seat and then to the wooden floor heading to the bookshelves. Maybe later. Now we have some books to move. Whoa! Was it a promise? I'd pushed no more on her and returned to work.

Again she stepped on my hands, now with her sneakers on. After a few times all the books were on the shelf and we returned to her room. And she hasn't removed her shoes no more! We had traveled with books there and back again for couple of times, until all the lower shelves were moved. Now standing on my hands she was not able to reach upper shelves. So I've let her stand on my shoulders. She did it and now I've had perfect view of her gorgeous legs and feet. She was little afraid at first as it was much higher than at the beginning, but shortly she got used to it and even hasn't watched down what is she stepping on, letting me to position her feet. One moment I've placed her foot on my face, she slid off (leaving dirty mark on it, as it was on the attic), then tried again and nearly stepped on it, but then got annoyed 'cos my face was little higher than shoulders. She looked down and seen her foot resting on my raised up face. Eva was not ashamed of what happened and instead of apologize said yeah, lick it clean! with jokingly rude voice. But before I could put it into practice she took her foot and placed it back on my shoulder. As her feet were on the sides of my face, occasionally I've tried to kiss her shoes, hoping she hasn't noticed.

As we have been working with no break for two or three hours, we decided to make short break. We were on her room then and, trying to win some more trampling, I've layed on the floor near the bed, while she sat on the bed. Ouch! I've moaned my back is aching I've complained. She said nothing, but I've nearly heard she was thinking it was her fault as she was too heavy to me. Could you make massage on my back? I've asked after little pause. OK she agreed immediately, so I've rolled on my stomach. She started to rub my back with her hands but I was waiting for sth different. Doesn't help I've complained press harder. She applied more pressure but I've directed her in expected direction use your feet. And, what I've not expected, she hasn't say a word, just stood up and started to rub my back with her sneakered foot! Wow, it was great! I'm stamping your clean T-shirt with dirty shoemarks, you know? she noticed. It's all right, it's clean no more until you soiled it with your dirty feet I've explained And you may use all your weight. She giggled I'll crush you like a bug then.
Are you kidding I really was surpised I've hold you on my hands and shoulders and can stand much more than that! It's real foot massage method!. As you see I was in shiatsu already, but I had not known it's called shiatsu then. OK, but let me know when I'll become too heavy and with that words she quickly stepped on my back with one foot on my spine and the other on my butt. I was in heaven, as it was what I was waiting for: trampling by Eve in her shoes on. She walked slowly and carefully over my back using her flat soles. She was heavy enough to press the air out of my lungs. I was not aware of open mouth technique to avoid groaning, so she got afraid and quickly dismounted to the floor. Enough she said let's get back to the work.

When we finished with current shelf, it appeared that she is not able to reach the next one. She tried to step on the lower shelf, but it made dangerous cracking sound, so she returned to my shoulders. Go on, stand on my head I've proposed I'll not crack at all.
I doubt you can hold me she hesitated. It was good, she didn't protest strongly, maybe she realized I'm much stronger she thought. Just be careful. Go ahead! I've insisted. And it happened: she carefully placed her foot on top of my head, positioned it for a moment and after a few gentle pushes started to apply her weight to it. She was almost standing on my head when her foot started slidding to the side. It was painful because hard plastic sole of her sneaker literally have torn my hair, but if I wanted her to step on my head I had to be quiet. She noticed she will fall down and quickly lowered herself to my shoulder, then repositioned her foot and stepped up again. As always trying new part of my body as footrest, at first she was little unstable, but after a few dismountings and climbings up again she begun self-confident.

So now she stepped on my hands first (and I've had an opportunity to grab her heel and press her foot to my groin), then climbed on my shoulders (I've had to position her feet and could kiss her shoe occasionally), and finally stepped on my head with one foot and the other dangling in front of my face, pressing her sneaker to my mouth or even leaning sole upon it. To be honest I was not sure I can hold her weight on my head, but as she become more confident I've been more confident too. She tried to place both feet on my head, then started to transfer her weight from foot to foot as she reached further books. When books from the front of the shelf were removed she raised tiptoes as she wanted to reach deeper, to books placed in second line... and nearly felt down when she pushed me away from the shelf. I've regained balance in the last moment, when she slid off my head and digged heels to my blades. As her sneakers were on hard plastic soles, the edges scrached my neck and back and as they couldn't find support on my ribs - they ploughed my kidneys and finally Eva landed butt on my back.

Are you ok? she asked after a moment of surprise, while I've tried to maintain standing position. Another second she stepped on the floor taking her weight off of me. I'm sorry, I couldn't reach these books, and there is one more shelf above. We have to think of something else. How's your back? she asked again when I've examined damage her heels made to my kidneys. Fine, but I need more massage I've said and layed on the floor. She hasn't asked for anything, just stepped on my back and trampled it for a few minutes. Now she wasn't afraid she's too heavy and my groans haven't impressed her at all. Better? she stepped to the floor are you able to continue? asked thinking of books. Why of course I've said rolling to my back but front of me now.

She stood motionless gazing at me with strange look in her eyes for a long minute and I've been thinking I've exaggerated. Finally Eva raised her eyebrow and placed her foot on my stomach, then pressed lightly. Do you like being trampled or what? she asked with mysterious smile on her face. Well, I was not prepared for direct question, but remains of alcohol sharpened my wits: Being trampled by you is the most delightful thing ever meet me in my life. She rocked her foot for a while, then giggled and slowly stepped up on my stomach. I have to admit you're strong boy and it's pleasure to trample over you as well. Then she walked babysteps to my chest and stood there for another minute observing my face gets more and more red from her weight. Well, it was good we explained it to each other. I've also seen you kissing my shoes she said with voice sweet like honey, then raised her foot over my face and dangled it. I freezed being curious when she catched me on kissing her shoes, whether she was talking of today's book-climbing or my previous games with her shoes, which I'd been doing occasionally when I'd been thinking nobody sees me. She slowly lowered her foot and placed it with ball on my lips allowing me to kiss the sole. It was amazing: I was frightened to death and happy like in heaven in the same moment. Her sneakers tasted like dusty dainty and smelled of dust, rubber and little sweat. She placed her foot heel on my lips so I've sticked out tongue and started to lick the sole. She turned her foot to the sides to allow me reach every part of the plastic sole then pulled her foot along my tongue a few times. Do you tkink I don't know you're looking at my feet when I leave footprints with dirty shoes? she started to rub her sneaker over my face. In fact she liked to step on things, as I've mentioned, and to make footprints all over clean surfaces. As she rubbed her foot all the dirt mixed with my saliva converted to mud and now she simply wiped her muddy shoe over my face. Or when I crush things with my soles? With the crush word she quickly removed her foot from my face, stepped back and without looking placed her foot exactly on my rock-hard dick. Answer me: do you like crushing? she asked grinding her heel into my muscle. Y... Yes I've whispered, as she still pressed air off my lungs with her other foot. She slowly transfered her weight and a few seconds lated stood full weight squarely on my dick. Take off your shirt she ordered it's dirty enough. I've raised my back and quickly removed earlier-white T-shirt than layed back on the floor. She stood still one foot on my dick rocking back and forth to keep balance as I've been moving under her. The feeling was... undescriptable. If anyone of You even had twice your weight, beautiful woman in sneakers standing on your groin - you'll know what am I talking about. Now she put her other foot on my chest and rubbed it all around, smudging the dirt with my sweat. It was sensational feeling, but it ended quickly as she started wiping her sole over my face and tongue. Whoa! You're my first tramplee and shoe-licker! she commented with utter amazement, then placed her foot across my face, with instep on my lips and equalized pressure to both legs. Do you mind if I trample you more... she removed her foot from my face and stepped down to the floor ...later?. I knew it's a dream coming true Of course... not I've answered gathering myself from the floor. Cushty! she turned to the shelves But now we have two more shelves of books to move. Prepare for climbing.

I've took my position at the shelf and again she climbed on my shoulders, but when she put her foot on my head I asked her to wait, then slowly turned around and grabbed the shelf. Now. Step on my forehead. She quickly positioned herself squarely on my forehead and I've pitched back a little to let her drive into the upper shelf. I've moved my head little back, so she had to reposition her feet... right on my face. It was uncomfortable position, but the pressure was not too big, 'cos much of Eva's weight leaned on the shelf. Her cute sneakers covered almost my whole face, but I've seen she is peeking where her feet landed. But she said nothing. She stayed on my face for long ten minutes, then slowly straightened herself transferring all her weight to her legs. That moment I thought my neck would snap like a dry stick, but it was a seconds when she dismounted to my shoulders, ordered me to bend forward then jumped down stepping thru my back. I've seen she moved the books to the edge of one shelf below so she had to climb on my shoulders four times only to bring them down. Now we transported all those books to the attic. All the time I've watched those beautiful sneakered feet which gave me so much pleasure, so I've seen she on purpose stepped on the dirty parts of the floor to maximally soil the soles. Upstairs she climbed on me and stepped directly on my face, but now she remained straight, because back of the shelf was occupied by some rubbish and she could place only the part of our load on it. I was in fear she would make some rapid maneuver and snap my back accidentally, but she was conscious of stress applied to my body and acted with extreme delicacy.

Nevertheless my back started aching really fast and I had to gather all my will power not to say uncle. But this time Eva was really quick. She finished packing the shelf but most of the books remained not stored. The only place left was on topmost and middle shelves of the second bookcase. I was sure she would not reach the top one even if she jumped high on my head, but I was curious what she intended to do. She thought for a moment then asked me to help her with the plush armchair we wiped our hands before. We pushed it thru half of the attic right to the bookcase. To my surprise she asked me to rush down to her room and bring pillow from her bed with me. It was strange, but I said noting and was back in notime. She ordered me to place it on the seat of armchair and said C'mon, hop on it! I've stared at her in total stupefication Why? It's snow white clean!.

It shouldn't be so clean she disagreed and quickly stepped on it with both feet, leaped hardly and stepped back to the floor. How... will you hide it from your parents I've asked slowly understanding she's much more in trampling than I've ever expected. The white pillow-cloth was imprinted with perfect shape and texture of Eva's sneaker's soles. Don't worry about it. I'd like to collect your foot prints on it, so turn it over and hop on!. I shrugged my shoulders and climbed on the pillow. Eva stepped on the arm of armchair, then on my back and finally onto my head. Yeah, now she was high enough to reach the top shelf. She climbed down and up on me three times and ordered me not to move my feet or she will kill me. I thought of what kind of death would she made to me, but stood still until she finished. She turned around hard on my head ripping some more hair from it then jumped directly on the seat of armchair, which protested with loud creak. Now I was allowed to step down to the floor. The pillow squished mercilesly with our combined weight had clear and legible imprint of my sneakers on it, much more precise than any footprint I've ever seen. Eva examined it with flushed cheeks. Once more she surprised me when I've seen she must have been aroused with my shoeprints over her pillow. Good job she praised me after she swallowed saliva loudly.

Now the last shelf. We can't take this armchair to my room. What do you think? she asked. Indeed, but what could I step on? Nothing suitable we found around her house, all the chairs were too filigreed and would not hold two of as at the time. The desk would do, but was too big. Maybe my bed? she proposed. I've looked at the bed. Big, heavy, but only a meter from the bookshelves. It could secceed. So we pushed and pulled the bed until it was at the shelves. I've started to fold the bedcloth but again Eva surprised me. Don't! she ordered and jumped right on the white sheet leaving dirty footprints on it. I didn't argue, fixed the cloth back and stepped up. Again she climbed on me and brought the books down, now jumping right from my head to the bed like at the trampoline. When all the books layed on the floor she asked me how's my back. Fine I've answered. Don't believe you. Lay down on the bed. Now she trampled me more violently, maybe because she liked bumping and leaping over my back while I was on the elastic surface. Finally she ordered me to turn over, but as I was on the edge I've rolled over and felt down onto the floor. Ok. Let it be your way then she jumped from the bed squarely on my chest and stomach. I was completly not prepared. The punch of her mighty feet compressed my lungs and all the air went out thru my mouth with loud hiss. I've been coughing for long time, which was more difficult with her standing and trampling my front. But moments of tenderness remained in the ancient past and now she was not afraid of doing with me whatever she wanted. After all I've agreed to such a treatment. After what seemed a quater of trampling and licking her shoes she finally got tired and released me from underneath her feet.

We took the books and headed to the attic. Although it was great experience, I was little sore and quite tired, so I've thought the last shelf will be easy 'cos it is the middle one and no climbing/raising would be expected. I was wrong. Lay down on your back, you... carped Eva ordered me demonstrating contempt, but with smile on her face. So I've layed in the dirt of the floor, under feet of my goddess. Now she stepped on my chest and raised to tiptoes, then when finished with books - hardly lowered to heels and dug them deep into my ribs. Next batch of books she... sorry, it's too exciting for me... she took the pillow and dropped it on my face, then without hesitation stepped on it. She didn't saw what is she stepping on, so she hardly crushed my nose (with her heel probably, but fortunately no blood flown), then completly cut the air out putting her other foot toes on my mouth. When I was nearly suffocated she stepped down and took the pillow off. She burst with laughter as she saw how red my face was. I prefer to see what I'm strepping on she commented and placed her foot on my forehead (carefully examining my reaction), then slowly applied pressure and finished standing with one foot full weight on my head. She placed her other foot on my mouth and proceeded with the books. It was the final few of them. She finished, stered at me for a moment stepping from foot to foot, then she raised her foot from my forehead and turned around one foot on my mouth. She nearly tore my lips off! Ouch! I've said checking... yes, no blood so far. Too much for you? she asked. Nowadays my answer would be completly different, but then I had enough as for one day (BTW: It was much more than I've experienced my whole past life!), so I've nodded. What a pity she saddened I hoped you can resist more. What would you say for something... pleasant?
OK, if you insist... I've gave up. Only if you want she insisted. I know she insisted, it was this specific tone of her voice . OK, I've said yes!.

Fine. Then... remove your pants. Uh-oh! Some sexual things would happen! I was not prepared for it, remember, in the age of 10 I was not aware of sexual nature of trampling, but knew exactly that woman ordering the man to take off his pants means something strange, usually troubles! Eva noticed my hesitation and encouraged me Don't be afraid, I bet you'll like it. Yet you like when I step on you, don't you. It was not a question, it was a statement. Trample? Nothing... naked? I've tried to figure out what's goin' on. You only, but I thought you would prefer it bare... she tried to convince me, but I was still afraid I should resist. No, no... I've answered confusedly. But she understood it on her own way. OK, as you wish. Now, take off your pants. And underwear, of course she was obviously determined. I've started to slowly unzip my shorts, so she was assured I'll not back off and started walking around. She was dusting her shoes, I cought in flash of understanding. What for? What's connection with my naked cock? I was completly confused that moment. But she was back towering above me and my pants and underwear disappeared revealing my big and stiff muscle. I was ashamed of being naked in front of this beautiful, probably sexy (I haven't realized that that time), and twice as old as me, cousin. Female cousin. And I was afraid what would happen.

But all she has done was putting her dirty sneaker on top of my dick. I was surprised and sighed in relief. That was what I had known, though never a girl insisted standing on it exposed, so far. Might be interesting. Eva started pressing little, rubbing it with her foot. Then she quickly stepped full weight on it and placed her other foot on my lips. Her eyes were shiny, she made it for her own purpose. I've licked, kissed and sucked her shoe, she repeatedly wiped it from saliva on my chest, touched the floor with the sole, then sticked it into my face again. But the most amazing things happened to her other foot, which was squeezing my little (mayhap not at that particular moment) organ, which I used to connect with urinating. Some strange currents flow thru it, when she transfered her weight from toes to heel, from side to side, rocked and twisted, bounced and rubbed. She perfectly kept balance, my cock never slid aside from underneath her sneaker. I started to taste, explore and feel the touch of sole's tread, the hypnotizing (masmerizing?) rythm of transferred pressure, the smell and taste of dusty shoe on my face, touching gently but firmly. And then I felt great warm flood all over my body, the unbelievable pleasure running thru each nerve. Eva started panting and gasping, rocking and bouncing of her foot crushing my pleasure epicentre became wild, vigorous and brutal, I was on the edge of something... something... she now punched violently with the edge of the heel base of my muscle... nearly jumped on me holding the shelf in tight grip like if she wanted to raise it up with all her strength... I was in heavenly pain... she lowered her foot flat on top... rocked once more to the sides... transfered nearly all her weight to my face, but leaving noticeable pressure on the dick... I'VE EXPLODED... exploded... exploded... ...o%O... ...Eva stepped back on my queery wet groin and stood there attenuating those undescriptable convulsions of my instrument. I've been laying resting and contemplating the wet effect on my stomach and chest for quite long minute. Eva rested her other foot on my chest and started to wipe this gluey secretion with her sneaker. She calmed down slowly. W... What was THAT! finally I've managed to ask. You liked it? her voice sounded hoarse. Yeah! I've sighed recalling this unbelievable pleasure. I'm glad. We can repeat it... sometimes she said with not very well hidden asking intonation. I bet you liked it, too I've asked looking at her eyes. A little... she said with indifferent face, but she couldn't keep it for long and both of us laughed loud. Whoa! she screamed in delight and jumped right from my dick high on the air streching her arms in victory pose, then landed both feet squarely on my dick again. Now I realized it was all sore and expressed discomfort on my face. She momentarily noticed it and quickly, gently stepped to the floor. Sorry, you'll be sore for short time, I think. Now get off that floor and get dressed. We have to wash ourselves and clean all this mess. She headed to the stairs, but paused at the door. But... If you'll need some massage, don't hesitate to ask me she smiled nice and left the attic.

Kevin and the Party

Kevin and the Party
by unknown author

Hi, my name is Kevin and this is a story about when I was 11 years old. I have an older sister named Krista who is 16 years old. I am fairly small for my size and weigh about 92 pounds. My sister is also fairly small and stands 5'1 1/2" tall and weighs 104 pounds. She is a very attractive girl. We clown around alot considering our age difference and end up wrestling many times. I do OK for awhile but Krista usually ends up winning because her weight advantage wears me down. I found out along time ago, I really would rather lose since that meant Krista would end up on top of me either laying, sitting, or standing. It didn't matter to me, I just enjoyed having the weight on me. When we first started, Krista was real gentle. I think she was afraid of hurting me if she put her weight on me to hard or for to long. I told her not to worry and over the months she got alot more relaxed and was alot harder on me. She would take my breathe away once in awhile, but she really was not that heavy to hurt hurt. I was lying on my back in the family room one day and she came in, walked over to me, straddled my chest facing my head, and sat down right on my rib area.

She just smiled and said, "You do like this at times, don't you?" "Yeah, why?" "Well, my friend Sam(short for Samatha) is turning 16 next week and we are having a birthday party for her. Everybody is bringing or doing something different for the party. I am thinking about taking you and letting my friends climb all over you!" Oh God, am I dreaming or what, is she for real? This sounds like heaven, getting crushed and smashed by a group of 16 year old girls. "What do you think?" asked Krista. "It sounds good to me, do you think any of the girls will do it like you do?" "I'm sure some of them will, but many may be afraid to try. I am concerned abut one thing, there will be about 10 or 12 girls there, and most of them are heavier than me. Actually one or two of them are much much larger than me, including Sam.

You've seen Sam, haven't you?" "I don't remember if I have or not" I said. "Well she is alot taller and bigger than me. She is about 5'9" and probably weighs about 175 pounds." A chill went down my spine, 175 pounds!!!! that is alot of weight. I had never had anybody other than Krista on top of me before and had no idea what it would feel like with that much weight or if I could even take it. However, the funny thing was, I really wanted to try and was afraid but not scared enough to back out or say no. "You look a little white Kevin boy, and I don't think it is from me sitting on you. Does that scare you, 175 pounds? I am not sure if we should do it or not. If you got hurt, Mom would really kill me." said Krista. "I won't get hurt, I am tough and it will be fun to see what it is really like." "Are you sure you want to try. If you do, I will work you over alot in the next week so you start getting used to it.

I will be rougher on you to get you ready for the extra weight." said Krista. "OK" With that Krista started to get up off of me and suddenly dropped her weight back down onto my chest. It caught me off guard, she never did that before. She then stood up and quickly stepped onto my chest and started bouncing up and down fairly hard. "Well this is probably equal to 140 pounds, are you sure you want to try another 35 on top of this?" Asked Krista as she continued bouncing. My ribs were starting to hurt and burn some but I was loving it!! She got off and said, "Every chance I get I will HELP you get ready, this will be fun after all." I think Krista really enjoys doing this and this is a great excuse to do it alot. I don't care!!! For the next four days Krista sat on me, walked on me, stood on me, and bounced on me every chance she got. She even sat on me in front of the sofa and watched a TV show when Mom was home.

Mom just told her to be careful and not hurt me!! She was being alot rougher than ever before and I was really starting to get sore and was even sore in the morning when I woke up. Krista came into my room the next day. She was all dressed up and was wearing a red mini skirt, white blouse, nylons, and high heels. She walked over to me and said, "I am meeting several of the girls today about the party then we are going shopping. This is your last chance to back out if you think it is to much for you. Once I tell the other girls, you can't change your mind. You sure?" "Yep, I am ready and will be your enterainment for the party." I said. "Ok, tell you what, I have a few minutes yet, lay down by the wall." I was not sure what she had in mind, she was all dressed up and had never done it with anything but bare feet or sneakers before. I went over and laid down on my back. She walked over to my side. She looked really great, considering she was my sister! She placed on foot on my chest and said what do you think? Can I? Give it a try I said! Tap my leg if you need me off quickly. At least she does show some concern. With that, I began to feel weight on my chest, at first it was no differnet than before and then all of a sudden I felt the high heel dig in as the rest of her weight stepped up.

The heel really dug in. She brought the other foot up and and split her weight. This was really different. The weight was the same 104 pounds I had always felt, but as she moved, ever so slightly, the heel dug in and the pain was intense. I looked up at her, I got a great view of her legs in the mini skirt and nylons. She does have nice legs, no wonder so many guys are calling her all the time. She looked down and smiled and said, "Well you haven't tapped yet so I guess I am not killing you? Does the heels really hurt much?" she asked. "I am OK, the heels hurt at times but it feels kinda of nice!" With that she stepped off, which actually hurt alot as she shifted her weight to get off, and said, "Well, if you can take that maybe you will be OK with Sam on you." Later that day I was in my bedroom and I heard Krista coming up the steps. She must be back from the meeting and shopping. But I also heard other footsteps. She came to my room and had somebody else with her. "Hi Kevin, this is a Megan. She is one of the girls for the party and she agreed to help me test you a little bit more." I looked at Megan. She was just about 2 inches taller than my sister but was much heavier and had much bigger legs and hips. She was also wearing a fairly short mini skirt, nylons, and heels.

She really was a nice looking girl though. "Oh really, I need more testing?" I asked. "Well, the girls decided to make it a semi formal party so the shoes you got this morning are going to be the norm, so I thought maybe we should try it some more to get you ready." Said Krista. Megan said, "Krista, he is really small, there is no way he can hold me. I do weigh alot more than you." "Yes, you weigh more than me, but you still weigh 20 pounds less than Sam and since it is Sam's party, he has to be able to hold her. So you can help warm him up and get him in shape for it." said Krista. Wow, I knew Megan was bigger than krista, but I would never have guessed it was 50 pounds more. Now she really does look nice considering her weight and height. She carries it very well, I hope I can carry it!! Krista asked me to lay down along the wall. I did. She walked over and placed her foot on my chest and slowly stepped up onto me. She moved around a few small steps, looked down at me and winked, and then stepped off. "See, nothing to it." Krista said to Megan. "Sure for a 100 pounder, no problem." Said Megan. "It's OK Megan, you can do it.

You look really good and I want you to step on too." I said. "He thinks I look good, does he have an older brother looking for a date? I could get to really like him!! Of course, he thinks I look good now, see what he says when I am on top of him." said Megan. "Well, let's find out, climb up!" said Krista. Megan walked over to me and just stood beside me looking down. I was looking up and had a great view. She has large legs but her thighs are very shapely and don't look like there is much fat on them. She is a very solidly built young lady. Looking down at me she said, "Are you sure about this? Are you really willing to allow a 155 pound girl wearing 2 1/2 inch high heels with a spiked heel to step on top of you and stand there?" Alot of things were going thru my head very quickly including the thought of backing out but yet out of my mouth came, "Sure, no problem, besides as cute as you are, how much can it hurt?" Megan smiled a big smile and looked at Krista and said, "You know, I am really starting to like your brother alot.

Let's just hope he can still say that after I crush the poor guy!" "Just remember, you are just warming him up for another 20 pounds, so better to know now rather than later." said Krista. With that, Megan placed her foot on my chest. Even the weight of just her foot resting was alot more than when Krista did the same thing. Megan looked down at me, smiled, and said, good luck! Hit me to get off if needed. With that the weight started to build. I had a great view of the under side of her full thigh as she started the step up. The weight quickly passed the level of Krista, which was the most I had ever had before. I could feel my ribs starting to bend in the middle. I was starting to get scared. I could see Megan had not even lifted her second foot off the ground yet so I knew I still had a major increase to go. Suddenly, the other foot started to lift, my ribs really bent down and inward, it felt like my ribs were going to touch my back. I was sure something was going to break. The heel was really digging in but at this point I didn't even care that much about that, I was to scared of what was going to happen! Suddenly, Megan had both feet on my chest, the weight shifted and divided onto two feet, and I realized I was still OK. I was being crushed, I couldn't breathe or even come close to getting a breathe into my lungs under her weight, but nothing broke and I was still awake.

I looked up and saw Megan's big legs and thighs. Her hips were much bigger around than Krista's so I could see alot more. She was even wearing red panties under her pantyhose. Since red is my favorite color, this was really cool. She shifted her weight some, which really dug a heel in, in order to see my face. "Are you OK down there? Your face is really red and I can feel your ribs bending with each step." asked Megan. I tried to say I was OK, but realized I could not get anything to come out so I just nodded my head. "I can't believe he is taking this Krista. Most of the guys our own age would be yelling and begging at this point and he is just lying there.

When you move around do you feel his ribs bending under you?" "No, not really. A little when I bounced hard up and down but that was it." said Krista. "Oh God, if I bounced, you wouldn't have a brother anymore. My weight is bending his poor ribs just standing." Megan took a few small steps around on my chest. Her spiked heel was really digging in as she stepped and my ribs were killing me. Finally she stepped off. I rolled over and bent up some. She kneeled down beside me and gave me a hug and kiss and told me I was the strongest little guy she had ever met! "He probably doesn't think I look so cute now." said Megan. I had to say something, "Sure you are, and you are really sweet also."

I managed to get out but it hurt as I talked and breathed as my ribs move in and out. My entire chest felt warm and was sore and tender. "Is there anything else he is going to have to take from the girls or is that it?" asked Megan. "That will probably be it, the only other thing is maybe if they sit on him, I do that alot." said Krista. "On his lap or what do you mean?" asked Megan. "No, I sit on his stomach and chest alot, and one time I even sat on his head!" said Krista. "Are you serious, his head? Well, we might as well test him fully and be safe." said Megan I saw Krista getting a small pillow from the corner and pointed for me to come over to the foot of the bed. I walked over and laid down with the pillow. "How exactly do you do it?" asked Megan. Krista just walked over to my side and turned and sat down gently on my stomach area. She sat for a few seconds and then slid upward onto my chest. I could she her legs really well in the short skirt but my ribs were really aching from Megan's walking on them. Krista then smiled at me and said,

"Take a deep breathe" and then she slid up and sat sideways right on my face. This was only the second time she had ever done it and I had almost forgot what it felt like. She only sat for a few seconds and then got off of me. Megan came walking over and turned around and sat on my stomach. She knocked the wind out of me slightly since she landed alot harder than Krista had. It may just have been the extra weight and not on purpose, I don't know. "I would normally be afraid to do this that I might be to heavy and hurt him, but after standing full weight in heels, this seems simple." laughed Megan. She sat for about a minute, Krista asked if anybody was thirsty and she would get drinks from downstairs. Megan said she was, and I tried to answer, but with 155 pounds sitting on my stomach it was not easy to talk. Megan laughed again and said, "I think he is trying to say yes, I wonder what the problem is?" as both girls laughed. Krista said she would be right back. Megan slid upward onto my chest. It really hurt now with her weight on and it was really hard to breathe. I had a great view of the side of her large meaty but firm thigh covered in tight nylon.

Her skirt had slid up really high and I could see everything basically. She looked down and smiled and then started to move. I was not sure what she was doing, she ended up turning to her left side which put her sitting on my chest facing my head with her legs out on both sides of my head. Needless to say, now I really could see everything, especially the bright red panties she was wearing. When she lowered her legs down flat, her weight on my ribs seemed to increase even more but with this view I didn't mind!! She was very relaxed and not concerned at all about the view she was offerring. I heard footsteps and in came Krista with the drinks. "Here you go Megan, where did Kevin go, Oh, I didn't see him down there." she said laughing loudly. "Is he still breathing?" "He is for now, but let's see in a minute!" said Megan. She looked into my eyes and smiled and said, "Take a deep breathe, as much as you can with me sitting on you, and just enjoy this." With that she started to slide upward toward my head and face.

All I could see was these huge thighs and hips coming toward my face. I was both excited and scared. As the pantyhose starting touching my face and the pressure started to build, I smelled a unique odor that I had not smelled before and felt alot of heat. Suddenly everything went dark as she landed her butt on my face and the weight followed in full. My nose felt flat, I could taste pantyhose in my mouth, my eyes were thumping from the pressure, and even my ears seemed covered or blocked, probably from her hips going down over the side of my head somewhat. She sat for what seemed like forever, but was probably only a short time period. I had a much different feeling with Megan on me than with Krista on me, with Krista, I could get just a little bit if air in if I tried real hard and I always thought I could move her a little if I had to to breathe, but with Megan's size, I soon realized that I could get no air in at all and I wasn't sure if I could move her or not. Plus, with the way she was sitting on me, straight up instead of off to the side, she was really smothering me and covering everything completly. Finally, she started to move and got up off of me.

I quickly took several very deep breathes, and quickly realized that I could not see much, my eyes were burning from the pressure and were taking time to readjust. That was scary! After a few seconds, Megan and Krista started coming into clear view. Megan was all smiles, I think she really enjoyed it! "Are you OK Kevin, you are really red?" asked Krista. "Yeah, I think so, that was hard to take but alot of fun." "We need to see if he can move you at all or at least enough to breathe so we know how long anyone can sit on him like that." said Krista. "Move me, good luck. He may be strong but not that strong!" said Megan. "Well let's see. Kevin, Megan is going sit on you again. Take it for as long as you can and then try to lift her a little or move her slightly to get some air.

If you can't move her and when you need air tap her on the sides of the legs like you do with me at times. OK" asked Krista. "Sure, no problem" I said. We got into place again and Megan looked at me and said, "God I love you, you are so brave and strong for your age and you haven't called me fat or big or anything even after everything I have done to you." "Just sit your cute butt on my face and be quiet!" I said. With that she laughed and turned around. She sat down again. This time a little quicker and landed a little harder on my face. My nose hurt when she landed but everything else was the same. I started to panic or get nervous alot quicker this time because I knew she was not going to move. I tried to calm myself down and not let myself panic. I took my hands and placed one on each side of her rather large thighs and started rubbing up and down some. Her legs were much much bigger than those of krista, but I really enjoyed doing it. Megan tightened up some when I first touched her but she quickly relaxed and just sat there. I was soon going to need some air soon so I got my hands down under her butt some and started to try to lift her.

There was no way I was going to actually lift her, I figured this out very fast!! I put both hands under one large thigh and tried to lift just it. That worked, well enough to get a quick gasp of air into my lungs. Even just lifting the one leg felt like a ton and then I dropped it back down, big mistake, it landed very hard and hurt alot. I need to slowly lowered it next time. I lifted the leg again and got some air, lowered it slowly this time, and then went back to rubbing her outer thigh area. I put my hands under her again and this time I tried to just lean her a litlle to one side or back, suddenly she did move, slid backwards just an inch or two and I got some air. I lowered the weight I was holding and to my surprise I could still get some air even with her still on me. It was very hard, but if I inhaled hard and then blew outward I could do it. The incoming air was warm and smelled a little funny. I soon realized that I was breathing up thru her crotch area. I took another real deep breathe in, well as deep as I could anyways, and blew out.

I felt Megan tense up some. Her butt muscles tighened and then relaxed, that felt weird on my face and hurt some but not to much. I breathed again and she did the same thing. I started rubbing her outer thighs again and everythime I breathed I could feel her leg muscles and butt muscles tighened up and then relax. This was starting to hurt as her weight was kinda of bouncing up and down on me slowly as she did this. This went on for about three minutes, finally Megan got up. I could see absolutely nothing, my eyes were really thumping. I soon heard both girls laughing.

As my eyes came into focus , they were looing at me and Krista grabbed a hand held mirror and handed it to me. "Look at your face Kevin!" said Krista. I did and saw a very deep indented mark running right down the middle of my face. "That's the seam in my pantyhose that made that mark. Guess sitting for that long does put alot of pressure on his face." said Megan. "Well, I was able to move you a little and then was able to breathe with you on me." I said. "I can't believe it, she sat on you for three full minutes, that is unbelieveable. As long as 20 more pounds doesn't make a major different, you will be fine with anyone at the party, even Sam." said Krista. Megan walked over and gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, "I hope you are OK, sorry about the pantyhose seam mark. I really really enjoyed sitting on you when you were breathing in and out. That is a neat feeling. Maybe we can do it again sometime?" I was surprised to hear that, but anytime would be OK with me. It hurts, but it is alot of fun. "I want to try one more quick thing before you have to go Megan." said Krista. "What else can we do to the poor guy after this?" asked Megan. krista pointed for me to come back over and lay down along the foot of the bed on the floor on my back, which I did. She then turned around and sat down from the side onto my chest with her cute legs out to my left side.

She feels really lightweight after everything else we have done lately. She slid back towards my right side as much as she could without losing her balance and sliding off backwards. "Now, come over here and sit on my lap." said Krista looking at Megan. "What, you have to be kidding! Number one, I will squash you and your legs to start with, and on top of that, poor Kevin will get totally flattened with both of our weights on him." I could not believe what I heard, I really wanted to try but I wa scared to death, that would be almost 260 pounds sitting on my 92 pound chest. I couldn't believe what I heard next but I was the one saying it, "Go ahead Megan, let's give it a try." "I can't believe you guys, Kevin, you have no idea what our total weight is going to feel like and Krista, you have no idea what I will do to your poor legs either." said Megan. After a little more coaxing, Megan agreed. She walked over and turned her back to Krista and started to sit down. She stopped half way and said, "Kevin, you just flap your arms about if you can't take it and I will get off right away. Krista, you just push me away if I hurt you, OK." After both of us said OK she continued to sit down.

As her much larger butt started landing on Krista, it made Krista look pretty small, I could see Krista's thighs spreading out much wider than normal as the weight kept building. My chest was sinking and sinking further down. I quickly pass the weight amount of Megan alone and realized I had another 100 pounds to go!! I could see Krista's face and as her legs were getting flatter and flatter under the weight, I think she started to get scared for both herself and me. I quickly reached up and rubbed her back to let her know I was OK and we would make it. Megan's weight continued to come down and finally she got fully seated. I could not move even an inch at this point, my ribs felt like they were going to pop at any second, but I was enjoying it. Krista looked like she was in pain but never pushed Megan off. I looked at Krista's legs again and could barely see them, they were squashed as flat as they could be by Megan's weight.

We stayed like this for a minute. "Well, should I get up?" asked Megan. A very quick, "Yes, please" came from Krista. I was surprised I did as well as I did. I think I was concerned about Krista and didn't worry about my own pain to much. Megan got up and Krista just steyed on me and reached down and rubbed her legs a little. "I told you I would flatten them. Are you OK?" asked Megan. "Yeah I am fine. how are you doing Kevin? Probably alot better if I got my weight off of you!" said Krista. With that she got up. My ribs were really hurting by now and I hoped the day was indeed over, but was hoping we could do all of this again someday soon. Krista and Megan talked and Megan left. Krista came over to me and said, "How in the world did you take that all day. I thought I was going to die under her weight for just a minute and you left her sit on you, stand on you with heels, which I can't even imagine what that would feel like, and had her sit on you face for three minutes. My legs got killed and you took it on you face for three times as long. Then you didn't even scream when we both sat on top of you. You are amazing.

I have alot of respect for you after today." I awoke the next morning and when I got out of bed I realized that my chest was really really sore. I reached up and pushed on it some and even that hurt. I went into the bathroom and pulled up my tee shirt and noticed that there where marks all over my chest. Little round marks, some bright red, most of them slightly black and blue. They were from the heels of Krista and Megan. I think most of them where from Megan and her weight. It was weird, it hurt, it looked a little scary, but actually, I thought it was really neat! I got showered and dressed and went downstairs. Mom wasn't downstairs yet so I went into the family room and turned on the TV. I laid down on the sofa. I heard steps and saw Krista coming into the room. She headed right for the sofa and landed squarely on my chest. Oh God did it hurt. She is only 104 pounds and normally does not hurt to bad, but with my ribs already sore, it really hurt. I must have winched as she said, "What's wrong Kevin. Little old me didn't hurt you did I?" "My ribs are sore from yesterday but I can take it." "Good, cause the party is in 3 days and I want you ready.

I will keep working you over so you don't get stiff and if needed, I am sure Megan would help us out again!" said Krista. The rest of the day was average, however, Krista was true to her word, she must have sat on me, stepped on me, and jumped on me about 25 different times. Every time she was near me she would put her weight on me in one way or the other. The next day I got up and went to the bathroom and looked at my chest. It was black and blue all over. The red marks had all turned to black and blue and it was sore to the touch. Still, it was really neat. About mid morning, I had not seen Krista all morning, I heard someone at the door.

Mom answered it, it was Megan. They talked for a minute and Mom called for me. "Kevin, Megan and her Mom are doing some work at their house and asked if you could come over and help them with a few little things." I looked at Megan and her eyes were gleaming and she smiled at me. "Yeah, I guess, sure." With that I left and headed out with Megan. As soon as we got away from the house a short distance, Megan said, "Hello Kevin. We are going to have a little fun." I wasn't sure what she had in mind, but I could guess pretty well. Not much else was said as we walked about two blocks to her house. When we got there, she showed me into the family room and told me she would be right back. She said she had to change. I sat down, I could feel my heart beating, I was excited but also a little scared. This was the 155 pound girl that had caused all the black and blue marks on my chest. Before, my sister Krista was there, and even though Krista can be rough at times, deep down in I know Krista would make sure I didn't get hurt, at least not too badly! After a couple of minutes I heard footsteps, it was heels clicking on the floor. I turned and saw Megan entering the room.

She looked great. She was in high heels, pantyhose, a short bright blue skirt with a light blue top. Big girl, but very attractive. I stood up, Megan took my hand and led me over to a big overstuffed chair and pointed for me to sit. She turned and sat down on my lap. "Kevin, the other day was really great. I know I am not a petite girl by any means, but you made me feel really neat and special. You never once mentioned my size or my weight, even though I know some of what we did to you had to really crush you. Then when you let me sit on your face and you moved me just enough to be able to breathe, and the air was rushing in and out between my legs, it was really super! I have never had a feeling like that and wanted to stay on longer but was afraid I was killing you. I really want to do everything again.

Two things though, Krista does not know you are here, and I told my Mom what all had happened and she really wants to meet you. She will be home in about 15 minutes or so. What do you think? Can you little tiny body take some more of a big girl crushing it?" I was rattled, I didn't know exactly what to say. "Yeah, sure, I guess, whatever you want!" Megan laughed, "Just relax, you looked scared to death. I promise not to hurt you. Not to bad, anyways!!" she said with a gleam in her eyes again. With that she got up. "Let's get started, come on over and lay on the sofa, I will start off easy and warm you up till Mom gets here." I did what she ask. I laid down and she turned around and started to sit down on my chest. I could see bright red panties again and her nice sized butt coming down. She landed with a slight plop and was on me. Nice view of her legs as usual, I must have moaned as she landed.

My ribs really were sore and it hurt alot even with just her weight sitting on them. "That was a big moan, all you OK. I have stood on you with spiked heels, this can't hurt you too much!" said Megan. "My ribs are really sore from the other day. They are black and blue from the heels I think and it does hurt but don't worry. I want you to just do what you want." I reached up and started rubbing the side of her thigh as she sat on my chest. She does look big from this angle. "I will save the face sit for Mom to see. Let's test these shoes out on your chest a little. I will be gentle, I don't want to wear you out before Mom gets to see you." I can't believe she is going to let her Mom see her do this to me. "Your Mom won't get mad or scared at this?" I asked. "No, Mom is divorced and has been for several years.

She was really interested in everything I told her about you and how strong you were. Her "X" always complained about her size so she thought it was really neat that you were so nice to me, since my big bone structure comes from her." With that, I laid down on the floor by the back of the sofa and Megan got ready to step on. The weight started to build, my ribs arched from the start. They are tender today, but I really wanted to keep going. She continued to apply her weight, the heel was sinking in just like before, and suddenly she lifted her other foot and her full weight was on me. It hurt, but I looked up and saw her legs, thighs, butt, and then her smile, there was no way I was going to complain or make her stop. She just stood still for about a minute and then stepped off. She knelt down and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"You are really great." I heard a door opening and assumed that her Mom was home. "Wait here, I'll be back" said Megan. I could hear talking in the next room but could not make out what they were saying. After about two minutes I heard a pair of footsteps coming towards the room. Megan came in and walked over to me, I stood up, "Kevin, this is my Mom." I looked toward to the door and in came this lady, that, well, I can't put a description with. She was tall, about 5'10" or 11", large build just like Megan, now I know where she got it from, and was well filled out everywhere. Not fat, just very solidly and shapely built out. She was in a very short pleated skirt, nylons, high heels(spike) and a tight sweater that showed her upper endowments very nicely. She looked at me, looked at Megan, and said, "This is the young man you told me about. You said small, but, I can't believe you didn't crush him." "This is him, I told you he was really strong." said Megan. "I can't wait to see." She walked over to me, actually towered over me by a large margin, gave me a hug, and told me her name was Leslie and I could call her that. Megan grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the sofa. I laid down.

She quickly turned around and sat on my chest. "See, no problem. Come here" she said to her Mom as she got up. Her Mom walked over and Megan took her hand and turned her around and said, "Go ahead, sit, see for yourself" From my angle, this woman, Leslie, was a giant, she was huge from this angle, I could see up her skirt some already since she was so tall and I was lying down. Her legs were, well, one thigh was the size of my sister's waist. I wasn't sure this was a good idea. "You have to be kidding honey, I said I would sit on him but that was before I realized how small he was. I will kill him." "No you won't, don't worry, go ahead and sit. I can take it. I am really strong." "Kevin, I know you have held my daughter several different ways and did not get hurt, but she is 155 pounds, I am 5'11" tall and weigh 203 very solid pounds. Now do you still want me to sit on you?" said Leslie with a little laugh.

I looked at Megan, back at this huge lady standing over me and said, "Yes Maam, go ahead." "OK, you asked for it and I haven't done anything like this in many many years and never to anybody even close to your size. You may be very sorry very shortly." She started to sit. The pleated skirt flowed out in the back and I saw her massive but firm butt start coming down. She landed, covering my entire chest from my waist up almost to my neck, in one smooth flow of motion. Before I knew it, she was fully on me. It was funny, I was so wound up about this that my chest didn't even feel like it was hurting anymore. Her weight soon began to have an impact on me.

She had only been on me for probably 10 seconds, but I was starting to feel it big time. I could barely get any air in at all, when Megan sat on me, it was tough to breathe and it was really tough when Megan had sat on top of Krista on me, but it was different. Their butts did not spread out very much compared to Leslie's, so I was still able to get some air in my stomach or upper chest, depending, but with Leslie's size, she covered both my stomach and my entire chest so there was not much room for movement to allow air flow. She looked down at me, "Well, do you give up yet, have I caused enough pain?" I tried to talk but not much came out. "No, stay on" was about all I could say. Her face lit up and she got a big smile that just made me melt, I know where Megan gets her smile from.

I reached up and put my hand on the side of her thigh. It was huge and made my hand look tiny. I started to rub her outer thigh area. "As long as her does that he is OK, he will tap your leg if he needs you to get off." said Megan. "I can't believe this, I am actually sitting full weight on the chest of an 11 year old boy who weighs less than half of what I do." said Leslie. I wanted to let her sit for a long time, but her weight was really getting heavy. After about a minute and a half she got up. I must have taken about 10 big breathes right away to get some air in. She laughed and said, you could have tapped. "No problem, that was fun" I said. Leslie got a funny look in her eyes, must be a family thing, "So just how strong are you Kevin?" "I don't know why? You can try anything you like, I think you are really nice and you look fantastic." "I told you he would make you feel wonderful" said Megan to her Mom.

Leslie asked me to come over to the side of the sofa and get on the floor on my hands and knees. "We'll see if he can be a pony and offer horsy back rides." said Leslie. "Mom, don't hurt him, Krista and I have never done that!" said Megan. "Krista has several times" I said. "Yeah, with a hundred pounds, not 155 or 200 pounds." said Megan. "I can do it, I think." With that Leslie stepped over my back and straddled me, she lowered herself down onto my back. As the increased I could feel the middle of my back bending down in the middle. I tightened up and tried to make it straight again. I did. But the weight kept increasing and I couldn't hold it anymore. The middle of my back bent way down in the middle just as Leslie finished putting her full weight on. I was holding her!!! "Can you walk Kevin?" asked Leslie. I started to try to move. It was really hard and my back was really bending but I was able to take a few steps. Leslie was laughing and having a ball. "Take me to the kitchen, my wonderful Kevin pony!" said Leslie. Megan could not believe what she was seeing. I struggled big time but did manage to get to the corner of the kitchen before my poor back just gave out and I collapsed to the floor. I think Leslie knew I was at my end, she had her feet ready and caught herself and stood up so at least she didn't crush me into the floor. I was gasping for air and my back and ribs really hurt now, but it was fun.

This is weird. Leslie went over and got some drinks, Megan knelt down beside me and asked if I was OK, I said I was fine, don't worry. Leslie said, "We can have alot of fun if you want to Kevin. Between Megan and myself, we can help make you the strongest 11 year old around and you can make Megan and her older large mother a very happy woman." "I will, I am having fun. I want to see just how much I can take and do with you guys." This could prove to be a very interesting day. It may hurt alot, but it is going to be fun.

Megan helped me up and I went into the living room and laid down on the sofa to rest and caught my breath. I heard Leslie coming into the room. She had several glasses and gave me a glass of punch to drink. "I am impressed so far Kevin. Have I pushed you to far already or can we keep going?" I looked over towards her and saw she was sitting on the arm chair, she had her legs crossed and it was a great view of her large shapely thighs. "We can keep going, Megan knows I can take a lot and keep on going!" "Ok, but don't be afraid to tell me when I get to be to much. 203 Pounds can take it's toll pretty quickly!" Megan walked over and said let's give this a try. She said, "Get ready" and with that she started to sit, I saw her butt coming towards my face. She landed, my head sank into the sofa some and she put her full weight on me. It was funny, she didn't feel as heavy as the first time she did this. Maybe I was getting used to her or maybe I was trying to convince myself that she was not very heavy knowing that her Mom was about to do the same thing and she was heavy! Megan just sat there, I worked my hands under her butt and finally lifted her just enough to tilt my head slightly and get a little bit of air in.

She sat for another minute or so and then got up. "Look how red is face is" said Leslie. "Wait till you do it for awhile Mom!" said Megan. Leslie walked over and turned around and said, "Take a deep deep breathe, it will be your last for awhile with me on you." She started to sit. Her skirt flowed out in the back and as she came down her massive butt and thighs really looked huge. She started to land, the weight built quickly, my eyes felt the pressure, my nose felt the pressure, even my cheeks and mouth felt compressed. Her weight quickly matched and passed that of Megan. My head was sinking further and further into the sofa. Finally the weight stopped, she was on, all of her.

This was the most pressure in this manner I had ever felt. I started to put my hands under her butt. This was even hard to get my hands under her as her butt fully covered my face and flowed down over all sides. I finally got my hands in and was starting to get nervous about trying to get my breathe. I started to push upward somewhat, my hands were going up into her butt but she was not moving. I tried to tilt my head, but could not even come close to moving it. I was starting to panic, I pushed up hard again and at the last minute I was able to lift just enough weight to tilt my head about an inch or so, it was just enough to get a gasp of air in. As soon as I had inhaled hard, I could feel Leslie squeezing her butt cheeks and repositioning herself just slightly. It hurt when she did this, but I realized that I could get air a little easier know. I quickly took three more shallow breathes. I could feel Leslie squirming as I did this.

My entire face, especially my eyes and nose were really hurting under her full weight. I moved my hands up along the side of her thighs and starting gently rubbing them up and down. She reached down and touched my hands and just squeezed them a little bit and then let them go. She is really enjoying this. I can not hear anything, I would love to hear Megan and her talking about this. I continued to take short fast breathes and she continued to tense up and release each time. Suddenly I felt more pressure, what was going on. My head sank even further and Leslie was getting very very heavy. My head felt like it was going to pop. I quickly realized that Megan must have been sitting on her mother's lap. Oh God, this may be to much! 203 plus 155 pounds, 358 pounds! I felt Leslie really tighten up, I think she is even concerned about this, my head was spinning and my face was burning. Suddenly the weight started to lift, Megan was getting up. As soon as she was up, Leslie stood up. I felt the weight leave my face but I could not see anything, my eyes were hurting and were still adjusting. "I can't believe you did that, I thought you were kidding.

Our combined weight on his face had to really hurt. I am bad enough without your weight." Said Leslie. As my eyes started to adjust I saw them both standing there. "I thought I left a big mark last time, look at that mark Mom. Your pantyhose seam is ingrained in his face!" laughed Megan. "Are you OK sweetie?" asked Leslie. "Yeah, way did you get up?" I forced out. "You have to see the pantyhose mark Kevin, it is amazing. I will get a mirror." Said Megan. She left to grab a mirror. Leslie gave a big kiss on the cheek and said, "I am really sorry about the end, I didn't know she was going to sit on me. She was heavy just sitting on my legs, I haven't held her like that in many years. The way she felt, I can't imagine what I feel like on you let alone the two of us together. I think we went to far."

"Relax, I like being pushed to the limit. I admit I couldn't take it for very long, but I really enjoyed you sitting on me like that." "I can't believe the feeling I get when you breathe. It was really turning me on. I could take that for awhile with no problem. Unfortunately I don't think you could take it much longer." "For you, I would let you sit for a good bit longer, the pain is worth it when I know you are enjoying it so much." I said. "You are amazing. My ex husband bitched when I sat on his lap that I was to heavy, here you are, an 11 year old man, letting me sit on your chest, giving me horsy rides on your back, and then letting me sit on your face. I love you, you strong little man." "Wait till I let you stand on top of my chest." "You may be crossing the line of the amount of pain you can take with that." Said Leslie. Megan came trotting back into the room with a mirror. She gave it to me and I looked, there was a massive red mark line right across my face from Leslie's pantyhose being pushed into my face so hard for so long. We all laughed.

I stood up and asked to use the bathroom. The two ladies were talking a mile a minute when I left the room. In the bathroom, I looked at my face some more, pressed on my ribs, and stretched my back some. I was really starting to hurt from being sore and didn't know how much more I could take but I didn't want to stop. I walked out into the living room, both Leslie and Megan looked at me, I walked over to the wall and laid down on the floor on my back. "Well Megan, are you going to show her how to do this or what?" "No problem" said Megan.

They both walked over to me. From the floor position looking up, they both looked big with Leslie looking like a giantess. Megan came over and placed her heel right on the middle of my chest and stepped up. I got a nice view of her thighs and butt with her panties. Her heel was digging in slightly. I moaned somewhat when she first stepped up and then again as she took a couple of small steps around on my chest. "There is no way he can support me doing that. I will crush his chest." Said Leslie. With that, luckily Megan stepped off, which caused me to groan again but at least I was able to talk clearly now. "Don't worry, I can take it, I think." "Go ahead Mom, it is a really neat feeling, a feeling of power when you are standing there." Said Megan. "Power, you mean major pain if you are on the bottom." Said Leslie.

"Go ahead before I change my mind." I said. Leslie walked over and looked at me with a look of fear in her eyes. I reached over and took her foot and placed it on the middle of my chest. I glanced at the heels which were about 2 1/2" and were spiked heels, and prayed I could take this. She started to apply her weight. The view was nice but the thighs were huge from this angle and she looked like a giant stepping up onto me. My rib was compressing under her weight and I knew there was alot of weight to go yet. I was determine to take it without giving up. I could feel my face getting red, I was afraid to breathe that I would let my rib cage fully collapse just as she added more weight. Finally I had to take a breathe, as I did my entire rib cage sank about 2 inches and her weight pushed it down even more. It was tough to get any air in. With the lowering of my ribs, her heel really sank into my flesh and she leaned back onto the heel trying to keep her balance. It felt like a knife in my ribs, the pain was terrible but I was not going to give up.

She kept applying her weight, when was it going to stop? She realized she had leaned hard on her heel and was trying to take some of the weight off the heel and back onto the front part of the foot. This helped some, but as she finished stepping up and the full 203 pounds was on top of me, the pressure was unbelievable. I saw her looking down to see if I was OK under her. I tried to force a smile but was not very successful. "Take a few small steps Mom, try to forget where you are standing and just feel the power. As you step you will feel his ribs flexing underneath you." Said Megan "With my weight, snapping is more like it" "Go ahead Leslie" I managed to get out. I felt her shift her weight to one foot which was murder as the heel dug in big time and she moved the other foot and then stepped onto it.

My ribs were dying as one side came back up and hurt like heck and the other side went down three inches under her weight. I could feel the heel digging in on every step. I don't think she was trying to dig them in but with her amount of weight they just dug in. I was almost in tears after she took about 10 steps. I looked up and could see her thighs moving around and her butt bouncing slightly as she was taking the steps. This was sexy, but the pain was killing me. She looked down and asked if I had had enough? I quickly nodded yes and she went to step off. As she shifted her weight the final time onto one heel I let out a fairly loud squeal. She turned and looked scared to death that she had really hurt me, which she had, but nothing that will last! "I wish I had done that to my ex husband. Of course on him, I would have jumped up and down and then asked you to join me" said Leslie to Megan. I rolled over into a small ball and tried to quickly recover. I laid there just trying to get my breathe and get the pain to go away.

Leslie said she would go get me something to drink. Megan helped me up and got me to lay down on the sofa. "Don't worry, I am not going to sit on you, you need to relax a little. I can't believe everything you are taking" said Megan. With that Leslie brought me a glass of fruit punch and sat it down. They both told me to rest and they left the room. I was really aching but on one hand I really wanted to keep going and see what I could take. After about 15 minutes they both came back into the room and asked if I was OK. "I don't have to be home for awhile yet, we can try some more things" I said. They both smiled, Leslie said, "Are you sure you want to keep going? You have to feel dead after everything I have done to you." "No, let's try some more." "Like what?" asked Megan. I walked over to the wall area and laid down again on my back. "I will see if I can provide you a seat to sit on and rest your great looking legs.

Come on over here Megan and straddle me facing my feet." She did that and I got her to back up until her heels were right at my underarm area. I ran my hands up the back of her legs and told her to sit down slowly just like she was going to sit down on a stool or so. As she sat slowly my hands met her butt and started to support the weight. I had a great view, I mean I was completely under her and the dress was flowing out over the back of my hands some my hands were actually touching her pantyhose directly. As her weight increased my hands sank upward into her butt more and more. Finally her full weight was on my hands and I told her to stretch her legs out in front of her and put them on me. Her heels ended up right about groin level so she lowered her legs very gently. That really felt great as I had about half a hard on from the view. I didn't even realize exactly what was happening since at the age of 11 I have not had alot of experiences like this!! But, I knew I liked it alot. The view was super, her butt was spread out from my hands pushing up into it and the back of her thighs were just hanging there in mid air. She was getting heavy on my hands and my arms were starting to strain to hold straight.

As I was looking up and seeing the view, all I could think about was if I would be able to do this with her mother's full weight. "That looks like fun, I can't wait to try it" said Leslie. Well, at least I am going to find out. "Ok OK get off honey, let him save some of his strength for a slightly heavier lady" said Leslie to Megan. With that Megan put her feet back on the ground and got up. Leslie looked at me and smiled and said, "I hope you saved a little bit of strength strong man, actually you should have saved alot of strength to support my weight" as she laughed. I said, "Let's give it a try." Leslie came over and straddled me the same way. Oh god did she look big from this angle, her thighs look like two tree trunks and her butt is massive. It is amazing what different angles can make people look like. I can still picture this gorgeous lady sitting on the chair with her legs crossed and she looked great. Oh well, back to work. I put my hands back up and she started to sit down. My hands really sank into her butt very quickly as the weight continuing building.

She quickly passed the Megan level and was still putting on weight. "Are you doing OK down there, can I keep going?" "Sure, no problem, yet!" With that the balance of her weight came down, my arms actually bent at the elbows even though I was trying to keep them straight, they never did bend when Megan was on me. I struggled to get them back up to being straight. With them bent even a little bit she felt like she weighed twice as much! I finally got them locked back into a straight position. She started to put her feet up onto me, which even increased her weight some more. She kind of dropped her first foot when it got in place. The back of her shoe and heel landed squarely in the middle of my groin with considerable force followed by the other one landing on top of her first one with her legs crossed at the ankles. I jumped again as the second one landed driving the first one deep into my groin again.

What a feeling!! As I looked up, all I saw was the massive amount of flesh directly over my head. The back of her thighs were really large as they just hung there and her butt was massive as it was spread out big time from being supported by my two tiny little hands at this point. "Oh my word, this is fantastic, I can't believe you are holding me like this. This is really comfortable, I am surprised. Megan, honey, we have to get some pictures of some of this stuff, I want proof that a poor little 11 year old boy actually can hold me. Of course I will get accused of abuse if anybody knew what all I have done to him." My arms were starting to shake as she was getting very heavy very quickly. Actually, I was getting weaker, but you know what I mean. "Come on Kevin, you can keep going, push those strong arms tight, don't drop me or you will really feel what getting crushed is like!" said Leslie.

I was sweating big time as I was really straining and struggling. The back of her thighs were even swinging some as my hands and arms were shaking so bad that she was shaking just sitting there. Suddenly she lifted her legs about an inch or two and dropped them suddenly. As they hit my groin area, I felt a surge go thru me that was unbelievable, my arms snapped back into a straight locked position. Leslie laughed and said, "See I knew you had more strength left in you." After a few more seconds, reality set back in and my arms started shaking again. Leslie waited until the shaking was really bad and she did the same thing but this time did three drops all back to back.

The feeling was really neat, it hurt, it felt great, it felt strange, all kind of feelings at once. She then uncrossed her feet at the ankles so that both shoes were resting on me side by side. She just waited until I started shaking again and then she started up. This time she would lift her left leg, as she just totally relaxed it and let if free fall down onto my groin she would lift her right foot at the same time and then do the same thing with that one. Every second on of her feet was landing on my groin. I could feel my groin getting tight and very hard. She just kept up the bouncing feet all along and even started getting a little rougher by dropping them from slightly higher and higher. All of a sudden, I felt like I seized up, I was cumming big time.

Leslie must have known from my action what was happening as she stopped her feet immediately and just sat there. All of a sudden my arms just collapsed with little or no warning and Leslie came crashing, and I do mean crashing down on top of me. She landed half on my upper chest and half on my face and head. Surprisingly, I was still so tight inside from the previous actions that she really did not hurt at all as she landed. Powerful actions to have 203 pounds fall and land hard right on top of your chest and head and it not even hurt much because your body is still feeling other things. I learned alot that day!!!! Leslie quickly rolled off of me and asked if I was OK.

I said I was and she quickly stood up, kicked her shoes off, and placed her right nylon covered foot directly on top of my groin which was still pulsating rapidly. She began to apply pressure(weight) to it. She looked at me with a strange look in her eyes and when I smiled back she actually went ahead and stepped up and onto me with her full weight. Her entire 203 pounds was standing on my pulsating groin with all the weight on one nylon covered foot. She started to rock back and forth ever so gently, but at 203 pounds and under these conditions, it was plenty! The pulsating quickly came to an end and in a second my entire hard groin went to mush. What a feeling again! Leslie looked at me with a smile as big as any I had ever seen and very gently stepped off of me, knelt down beside me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek and a tight squeeze type hug. I just laid there smiling from cheek to cheek.

Megan was just staring, half not knowing what was going on and half scared that her mother was killing me!! Little does she yet realize what her mother knows, and I know now, that it was a little bit of heaven. After some rest I headed home with visions and feelings in my head that I will remember for a long long time. I got home and went straight upstairs to my room. I just laid down on the bed and relaxed. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was hearing mom yelling that dinner was almost ready. I went to get up, and ouch, my chest was really sore! I went to the mirror and lifted my shirt to look. It still had the black and blue marks from the other day with Megan and Krista, but there were alot of bright red marks and even little dents from some of the marks.

These deep dents have to be from Leslie, Megan's Mom. I touched a couple of them and they were tender to even touch. Leslie's spiked heel had really done a job on me, of course with 203 pounds pushing that tiny little heel down into me, no wonder. And I am sure alot of the other red marks came from Megan herself. I got ready and went down to dinner. Mom told me it was just the two of us and that Krista would not be home until later. We ate and then I helped mom clean up and told her I was going up to my room. About an hour or so later Krista came home and I heard her in her room. She was talking on the phone. Later she came over to see me.

"How do you feel?" she asked. "I just talked to Megan and she told me that you had quite a workout today!" "Yeah you could say that" "Did Megan's mom actually sit on you? She is pretty heavy." "Yes she sat on me, and stood on me, and rode me, and had me support her." "You have to be kidding, there is no way she stood on you with her full weight, she is way too heavy." With that I walked over and lifted the front of my shirt. "Oh my god, look at those marks. There are still indents from her. You left her do it in high heels? Are you crazy?" "I'm not sure" "You said she rode you and you supported her, you mean like a pony ride?" "Yes I gave her a short pony ride until I collapsed and then I even left Megan and then Leslie sit on my hands like a stool." I said. "What do you mean like a stool?" asked Krista. "Come here, I am tired but after today you will feel like a feather to hold." I laid down and got Krista to straddle me and sit down on my hands like Megan and Leslie had done earlier. I was right, she felt like a feather. At 104 pounds, I could hold her for quite awhile if I hadn't already used all my energy up. Krista was wearing a pair of real tight knit pants, almost stretch type, and I had a nice view.

She really does look nice. "This is really cool, how long could you hold some one heavy? How long for even Megan?" "I don't know, Megan sat for awhile and then her mother told her to get up and let me save my strength to hold her." "I can't believe her mother would even think of sitting on you like this and I really can't believe you were able to hold her. She is really nice and sweet, but she is big." said Krista. "Yeah, it's you plus another 100 pounds" I said. "What?" said Krista. "Leslie weighs 203 pounds, trust me I know. My back knows, my chest knows, my arms now, my head knows, even my lower section knows!" "Your head and lower section, what do you mean? Should I get off now?" "Yeah please, I could hold you alot longer if I wasn't already so tired out.

She sat on my head like you guys did and then after I supported her like I just did she even stood on my lower area." I said. "I am amazed! I can't believe anybody that heavy would do those things to you or anybody your size. Did it hurt when she stood on you like that?" asked Krista. "You had to be there and have the feelings, actually it felt really neat." "Well, we need to get some sleep, I will talk to you tomorrow. Remember the party is the day after tomorrow, do you think you will be OK to still do it?" asked Krista. "Yeah, sure, I will not leave you down" I said. The next day after breakfast, Krista came to me and asked how I was. When I had gotten up this morning I was really sore.

Even my arms hurt from straining to hold Leslie so hard. My ribs were really black and blue now and very tender. I told her I didn't know what would be better, to just rest all day and take it easy or to go ahead and practice some more. If I just rested all day, I might get so sore and stiff that I would not be able to do anything tomorrow for the party. I told Krista I thought it would be better to push and do some today. She asked if I wanted just her or if she should get Megan also. I said probably with Megan so I got some weight on me. If I got to use to just Krista's weight, I could get killed tomorrow by some of the girls. Krista said she would get Megan this afternoon and we could work out then. I tried to stay loose all morning by stretching and doing whatever I could. About two Oclock Megan and Krista came to find me. They had been out some during the day and were dressed up really nice again. Short skirts, nylons, heels, the whole bit. Krista asked if I wanted the heels on or off. I said to keep them on since tomorrow would be with heels.

Megan asked if I was OK or if I was mad and she said she was sorry for everything that got out of hand. "Don't worry, I am not mad, I left everything happen and really did not mind it. Your mom is alot of fun, heavy, but alot of fun!" Everybody laughed. We went down to the family room since mom had gone out and would not be back for awhile. I laid down on the sofa and Krista sat on my stomach first, then she got off and Megan sat down. Everything was hurting since I was so sore but I knew I had to keep going. Megan slid down to my lower stomach area and then Krista sat down on my upper chest. I enjoyed having both girls on me at one time, the weight was spread out enough it was not to bad. Krista said time to move upward, and she lifted and slid up and sat down again but this time was covering my entire face.

The warm feel of her pantyhose was really neat, and after everything I have been thru the last few days she actually felt very light! Megan slid up so she was on my chest. I got my hands under Krista's butt enough to move her just enough to be able to breathe. She stayed there for about two minutes or so and then got up. Megan said it was time to increase the pressure and she slid up and sat on my face. Alot heavier than Krista, but still OK, she was alot lighter than her mother! I could hear just a little bit of talking but could not make out what was being said. I got my hands under Megan and tried twice to move her to no real avail. Then I got my hands under her one thigh and moved it just enough to get some air. About that time the weight increased again and I knew right away that Krista had just sat on Megan's lap. This was better for my sister than having Megan sit on her like last time. Megan almost crushed Krista's legs flat when she sat on her. With the full combined weight of both girls(155 + 104) it was hard but I was still able to get a little bit of air in at times.

Krista only stayed on top for about a minute and then she got up. She went to get some drinks but Megan just stayed right were she was. She slid backward just an inch or so which made my breathing easier and I think it felt good for her too. As I took some deeper breathes I could feel Megan tensing up and then relaxing over and over. She started rocking some like she had once before. Her slight bouncing was starting to hurt after about another two or three minutes, but Krista was not back yet and Megan was really enjoying feeling my breathes coming in and out along her thighs and crotch area. The bouncing got more and more intense and she was landing harder and harder each time. After about another minute or so, Megan tensed up real tight and just held still with just a little bit of shaking.

Then she relaxed fully, full weight coming back down and really spreading out as she relaxed. She quickly got up and just knelt down beside the sofa and gave me a hug and kiss and said Thank You! I think I really hit a tender spot with my breathes. Krista came in and said, "Oh you got off of him, I figured you would still be flattening his face." "He had plenty, trust me and so did I. By the way, remember the mark on his face when I sat on him here. Well you should have seen the mark from the pantyhose seam after mom sat on him and then I even sat on mom's lap for a real short time. The mark was really deep and red" said Megan. "You sat on your mother's lap, so the full weight of both of you were on his face at the same time? I can't believe he still has a nose and everything" said Krista. I got up and went over and laid down on the floor on my back along the side of the sofa. Krista stepped up and on. Once again, even in her high heels, she felt pretty light after everything else. This is funny since only a week or so earlier, I thought I was going to die when Krista stepped on me with her heels on. She walked around a little. It was really hurting but that was from being so sore and not from Krista, per se. Then Megan stepped on, her heels really dug in alot more and it did hurt but I was going to keep going. Megan could tell from my face that it hurt and asked several times if she should get off, I always said no, keep going. Then I had them do step overs. They both got on the right side of me and just put their heel in the middle of my chest and stepped up and over to the other side.

Then the other one followed right away. They turned and came back across from the other direction. They did this about 15 times each way, which meant that I had just got stepped on about 60 times in less than two minutes. I got on my hands and knees and gave each of them a pony ride around the room. Krista was still easy to do, but even she was starting to get a little heavy as I was getting tired fast.

Megan really made my back bend down in the middle but I did it with no real major problem. Then I got real cocky and told them both to sit on me and take a double ride. Krista was not real sure about this. "Look, together you two weigh less than 260 pounds, I already carried Megan's mom at 203, so let's see if I can up that a little bit." "Yeah, but mom about broke your back as you collapsed under her weight and we have another 55 pounds or so" said Megan. "So be gentle, just get your cute butts on my back" I said. "He is crazy, he will try anything" said Megan to Krista. Megan sat on first and then Krista eased her weight down on behind Megan. I could tell I was in trouble, there was to much weight up on my shoulders so I had to get them to switch positions.

That put the heavier weight of Megan lower on my back and the lighter Krista up closer to my shoulders so I could move a little easier. It was alot of weight and my back was really bending. "Krista, his poor back is really bending down in the middle, should we get off or what?" asked Megan. "Well, Kevin, are you OK or get off, which is it? Don't be afraid to tell us to get off, don't hurt yourself trying to prove a point" Krista said to me. "I am OK for a little bit, let me keep trying." I was straining to just hold them and was not sure about actually moving with them on me but I wanted to try. I took one step forward and my back really bent as it moved but I made it. I took another and another and another. I got about half way around the room, the two girls did not say a word the entire time, I think they were scared to death of my back collapsing and them hurting me. I then asked them to get off. For two girls, they were off in about one half of one second. I just laid down on the floor and took some deep breathes. I was soaked from sweating so much as I strained to hold them. One got me a cold wet towel and the other got me a drink. They are great. I told them to let me rest a little but I still wanted to do the hand sit with both of them. After about 15 minutes of resting I called them and they both came in and sat on the sofa side by side. I was in the chair. "We have to tell you something" said Krista. "We were talking to Tina, she is the other girl helping put the party together for Sam. She told us that as of now there are 17 girls coming tomorrow." "And, what's worse is that several of them are not, let's say petite like Krista. Actually a couple of them beat myself and probably beat Sam when it comes to weight" said Megan. "There is no way you can handle 17 girls, especially with some of them being fairly heavy" said Krista. "Don't worry, I will get some good sleep and eat all my Wheaties and I will do my best."

As I sat there looking at the two of them sitting on the sofa side by side, both of them in short mini skirts with their legs crossed and seeing the view of some great looking legs, all I could think of was having 17 girls like this lining up to sit on me or even step on me. I was excited and scared. "OK, but you will never get thru the entire night" said Krista. I got up and told them let's do the hand sits and then I will get to bed. I laid down and Krista got into place, she sat, great view, and I held her for about two minutes and she got up. Megan got into place, sat down, alot heavier and I was getting tired but I pushed hard and got my arms straightened out and locked in place and held her for almost two minutes until I got real shaky and she got up. I said, "Go ahead and step on, I saw you watching your mother and you really want to!" "Are you sure, should I take my shoe off?" "No try it with them on.

She placed her foot directly over my groin and started to apply her weight. "Are you sure about this?" she asked. "Your mother has you beat by 50 pounds and she did it and I survived so I think I can take you doing it" I said. "Yeah but mom had you all wound up plus she even took her heels off." "Just do it" With that she continued applying weight and then lifted her other foot off the ground.

I am amazed that this area does not hurt nearly as much as I would have thought it would have. It felt alot different with her heel on then when her mom was barefoot. The heel was digging in and hurting some and if she stepped on the wrong spot it could really hurt. "I am fine, but go ahead and take your heels off and try again." I said. She stepped off, took her shoes off and then slowly stepped back on. By this time, I was starting to get a little hard again from the weight being on and off. She looked at me and smiled as I think she could feel something under her foot. "You OK?" "I am fine, step on sweetie" Her full weight went on and it felt really neat. I told her to rock around a little bit. She did exactly what her mother had done yesterday. I was really hard by now and I think she did squeeze a little bit of liquid out as her weight was enough to put the pressure on him. "This is really cool, do you want to try Krista?" asked Megan. "Go ahead, it's neat." said Megan as she stepped off. Krista kicked her heels off and came over. Megan showed her where to put her foot and she stepped up and on fairly quickly. She was definitely alot lighter than anybody else who has done this. "Doesn't it feel really neat under your foot?" asked Megan. "Yeah it does, but he's my brother." said Krista. "Forget who it is and just enjoy it" said Megan. With that Krista started to rocked around a little bit and I was still very hard.

She was so much lighter that it did not feel quite the same as with Megan or her mother on me. I told Megan to help her keep her balance and let her jump or bounce some. Megan held her arms and Krista starting bouncing really lightly. "Come on, actually bounce you skinny little light weight" I said. With that she really started to bounce, actually she more like started jumping up and down. Each time her foot landed, it landed in a little slightly different position and I was getting him bounced all over the place. She finally landed about three or four jumps in a row in the exact same spot and he let loose, my undershorts were soaked, and he went flat. She said, "Oh you have to feel this" She stepped off real quickly and Megan stepped up and on. That really squeezed the remaining cum out as her weight just totally flattened him into a soft ball of tissue. Megan looked at me and just smiled and said, "Thank you, that was really neat" as she stepped off. I was wiped out but I was ready for tomorrow night. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to sleep thinking about tomorrow night but I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I awoke in the morning and surprisingly, I did not hurt as much as I had expected. I think I really am getting use to having the weight on me! The day went fairly quickly and my sister Krista must have asked me about 10 times if I still wanted to go ahead with tonight. I could not wait! Krista came into my room and told me to get ready that we would be leaving in about 15 minutes. She wanted to be there early to help make sure everything was ready. We were going to walk to the house were the party was, it was about 4 blocks away. "I hope you can walk home this good after the party!" said Krista with a little bit of a laugh. We got to Tina's house, which is were the party was. The only people there yet was Tina, Megan, and now us. Megan looked good, as usual. I had never met Tina before, she also looked great. About 5'7" medium build, nice legs, the whole bit. If everyone looks as good as these girls, I am going to love tonight. "That's your brother?" ask Tina of Krista. "Yep, that's him" "He is going to get killed, he is tiny." Krista said, "You will be amazed at what he can take, I always am." Tina said, "All 17 girls are confirmed, including Shelly." "Oh boy, he is going to get a work out if she is here." said Megan. "Who is Shelly?" I asked. "Let's just say, now we know it is a good thing that my mom worked you over like she did. Shelly is pretty close to my Mom's size." "Shelly is almost 18 years old, stands 6' 1" tall, and just hits the 200 pound mark." said Tina. "Did you say your mother has worked him over?" looking at Megan. "Yeah, believe it or not, he survived everything with her." said Megan. "He must be alot stronger and tougher than he looks." said Tina.

The other girls started arriving for the party. They all looked great. They were all in fairly short skirts, all were wearing nylons, high heels, most of them in spiked type heels, and a mix of tops, but most of them fairly tight and alot of them in stretch sweaters that looked fantastic. Only one or two of them looked to be the size of my sister Krista. Most of them were probably between 120 and 150 pounds. But there were several bigger girls. Sam and Shelly arrived together. Sam was really surprised. Sam is just as Krista had described her, about 5'9" and around 175 pounds. Shelly was a knock out. She was definitely 6'1" plus she was wearing high heels which made her tower over everyone. Her legs were so long that it made her skirt look super short. She would be alot of fun to do everything alone with but with everyone else, I hope I can take it. She is a big girl. Of course so was Sam and at least two of the other girls I had seen were above the 160-170 pound mark.

This will be very interesting, 17 girls and 4 of them above 160 pounds. I was getting nervous but also very excited about trying. Alot of the girls were looking at me sitting in the corner. One group of two of them came over and ask me, "Are you Krista's little brother?" "Yes" They both laughed slightly and said, "Aren't you afraid of getting crushed with all of us here, you are really small?" "No, I will be OK, you'll see." A few minutes later Shelly came walking over towards me with a big smile on her face. As she got closer she really is big, tall I mean. "Are you sure you want to try to hold me tonight? I am not exactly the size of your petite little sister." "I will do my best, besides, how could I ever say no to a great looking girl like you?" I said. She smiled and walked away. I saw me sister walking toward me with Sam beside her. "Kevin, this is Sam. Go ahead Sam and just sit on his lap and I will get everybody's attention." Sam looked at me and said "I'm sorry Kevin, I don't want to hurt you." I reached up and took her arm, turned her around, and pulled her down onto my lap. She landed with a pretty good thump on top of me. She does indeed weigh 175 pounds.

"Can I have everyone's attention please" said Krista. "You have all heard about our special attraction here tonight, my little brother Kevin. As you can see, our birthday girl is getting him warmed up right now. Everybody will get a chance to sit on his lap, his stomach, his chest, even his face if you want too." Several girls clapped, some were ohing and owling at this point in time. "You will also get a chance to get a horsey back ride, well maybe more like a pony ride since Kevin is only 11 and smaller than everyone else here, but anyways, you will get to step up and stand on top of him, and several other things if we have not crushed him completely by that time." "Can we double up on him to save time?" some one yelled out. "Trust me, I don't think he wants anyone doubling up with me" said Shelly. Everyone laughed loudly. "We should get pictures of everyone on top of him" someone said. Tina said, "No problem, I have my camera and plenty of film." With that a flash bulb went off and Tina took a picture of Sam sitting on my lap. Sam got up quickly and turned to me and said, "Thank you, I hope I didn't squash you to much." "Don't worry, you get to try everything as birthday girl, even standing on me later." She smiled and said, "We'll see." With that, Krista came over and sat on my lap and gave me a hug. She whispered in my ear, "Good luck, just remember, if it gets to be to much just tell me OK. Don't let yourself get hurt. There are some pretty big girls here." Still sitting on my lap, Krista told everyone to line up and get ready to get the first picture taken. Someone snapped a picture of her sitting on me. All the girls lined up and started to sit on my lap one by one.

This was great. 17 girls, all in short skirts, looking great, happy and cheerful. If this is what it is like to be Santa Claus, I will volunteer every year! One by one they sat on me and got a picture taken. Some of them are in real short mini skirts and try to pull it down a little as they sit but don't get to far with them! That is fine by me. I love legs. Suddenly I see a very tall blonde coming towards me, it is Shelly, she turns and sits down. I sink into the chair even further. She is really big and has very long big legs with large thighs that really spread out when she sits. She gives me a big kiss just as the picture is taken and says quietly to me, "I will do anything and everything you let me but just say if you don't want me to do something or if I get to heavy or start to hurt you. I look big and tough but am really very caring inside." She got up, smiled at me and walked away. The last three girls sat on me and we were done with the first simple task. Something tells me it is going to get harder from here on out. Next I laid down on the sofa and Krista showed everyone how to sit on my stomach, then my chest, then my head! Sam got to go first since she was the guest of honor.

She sat on my stomach, then my chest, her legs really spread out to with her full weight, she looked a little concerned about moving up to my face. I pulled on her skirt to get her to move up, everyone was cheering and yelling, "Go Sam, flatten him, enjoy it" etc. etc. She did move up and very very slowly sat down. They took a picture and she went to get up right away, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back down. Everyone cheered. This time she sat for about a minute and a half. I was getting just enough air from the side to be fine. She got up and was all smiles. Everybody else took their turns. In addition to Sam and Shelly, there is another girl who is also rather large, however, she is short like Megan, only about 5'2" but weighs about 181 pounds.

She was really careful when she even sat on my lap. I think she was very self conscious about her size. I saw Shelly coming up to sit on me. She sat on my stomach and then my chest. When she was on my chest she just looked down at me and smiled. "When you get done can I talk to you a second?" I asked. She nodded. She stood up and moved up to my face area, several of the girls were watching and it got very quiet. "Relax people, I promise not to kill him this early in the evening. He can tell me no anytime he wants, we already talked about it." said Shelly. With that she sat down. As she was coming down, I could see everything as her short skirt flowed outward in the back. A very large and well rounded butt and large upper thighs. With that, she landed, my head went deep down into the sofa, my nose was flattened, but it felt great.

Her butt was really warm and it felt great!! She sat for about 30 seconds and I put my hands under her to try to move her to get some air. She felt my hands and got up quickly. You can stay, I will see if I can move you enough to get air in. She smiled and sat back down. I put my hands under her and tried twice to move her or lift her, no luck. I got under her left thigh and moved it just enough to get a big grasp of air in. She stayed for about 2 more minutes or so. My eyes were starting to throb from the pressure. She got up and knelt down on her knee beside me. "I have to give mouth to mouth after smothering him" she yelled to the room and everyone clapped. I whispered to her, "The girl named Sue is not in line and she was afraid to even sit on my lap with her full weight.

When the last two girls are done here do me a favor. Go get her, I will stay right here, bring her over and then turn around and sit on my chest and pull her down onto your lap and tell her that she is not going to hurt me, relax and have some fun." "Are you sure you can handle her and I both, that's alot of weight?" asked Shelly. I nodded. The last two girls in line did the full sitting routine, they were both about 120 pounds so they seemed light after Shelly. When they were done, I saw Shelly coming towards me with Sue who was shaking her head. Everyone starting looking. Shelly did exactly what I said, she came over and turned and sat on my chest and within a second she had Sue around the waist and was pulling her down onto her lap. As the weight was coming down I could feel myself sinking into the sofa, as the full 382 pounds landed my lungs felt like they were flat.

Shelly looked at me quickly to see if I was OK and I smiled as best as I could to her. "You are not going to hurt him Sue, just relax. If I don't kill him, he can handle you with no problem." They sat for about one minute and everybody was clapping. They got up and Shelly moved to my head. I don't think anybody thought she was going to actually do it but she did. She sat down on my face again and brought Sue with her. I got my head turned just slightly to the side as they landed so I was able to get a little bit of air from the start. I could see nothing, hear nothing, I even felt my own pulse beating in my head under the extreme pressure. Since I could get some air, I did not panic but the pain was getting tough to take. They finally got up, I still did not hear anything.

I could not see real well since my eyes were trying to get focused again. Suddenly as my sight came clear, I smiled and waved as everyone was just standing there looking at me. I think they were waiting to see if I was Ok after that deal. They all yelled and clapped and said alright let's keep going! I laid down along the back of the sofa and Krista showed everyone how to step up on my chest and then move around. Sam cam over and stepped up. A big difference from 104 pounds to 175 pounds in spiked heels. She moved around some and I winced some from the heels digging in. She got off and I saw some major spiked heels and long legs coming towards me, it was Shelly. "If they see me doing it they will be more relaxed to do it themselves" she said. She put her foot on my chest and the view I got of her legs, thighs and underside was unbelievable. Great legs, but alot of meat attached to them.

She stepped up fairly gently considering she is moving over 200 pounds. The air left my rib cage quickly and I could remember what it felt like to have Leslie(Megan's mom) step on me the first time. Shelly's weight continued to build and then the 3" spiked heel started to sink in under her weight. She got on entirely, again almost everyone was watching and not saying a word. She moved around a little bit. I was wincing pretty bad under her weight and the heels but I was not going to give up. The 3" spikes were probably over half way into my skin.

Every once in awhile her heel would land between ribs or right at the bottom of my rib cage and the heel would just drop into me which caused a pain level I have never felt before. She looked down, smiled and stepped off. When she stepped off it really hurt as my ribs came back into normal placement. I saw Sue coming towards me. I really was hoping for a couple of small girls in between to give me a break, but no such luck. Sue was wearing a more blocked heel than Shelly, thank god at this point, many heels like Shelly is wearing and I would not make the night very long. Sue stepped up on, she is starting to get relaxed so I can not do anything here to scare her about hurting me. She walked around some and then stepped off. Actually she did not hurt to bad at all. I think I was in such pain from Shelly and her spikes that anybody else felt OK right now. Everybody else took there turns, some were on and off pretty quick, others stayed for a couple of minutes and really enjoyed the feel of power standing on top of someone.

My ribs were sore by the time the last girl got off. Next I gave all the girls a pony ride on my back. I was starting to get tired by now. Just as I finished with the last girl, two girls came over and said, one more double ride please. They both climbed on my back and I struggled to move around a few steps with them both on. About that time a third girl climbed on. Now my back was really bending in the middle and I could not even think about moving my arms. Another girl climbed on. I am now holding close to 500 pounds on my back. Krista yelled, don't hurt him and even Shelly yelled be careful he is only 11 years old. As the first girl went to get off I totally collapsed under the remaining weight of the three other girls still on me. Everybody got up. I told Krista and Shelly I was OK, just tired. I laid down on the sofa and rested for about 15 minutes. I then got Krista and told her I would do the line up step over with everyone.

She tried to talk me out of it. But how often does a young boy get the chance to have 17 sexy young girls in mini skirts, nylons, and high heels walk over top of him and let him see the best views in the world! I got on the floor and everyone lined up and they started to simply put their foot right in the middle of my chest and simply step up and over me and the next person was right there. As soon as the third or fourth girl stepped over me I could tell my ribs were really hurting but I was determined not to give up! The full group did the step up and over and started on a second round and then a third round. At this point I had been stepped on 51 times. My ribs were burning and my chest felt warm and almost damp.

Megan ask me if they could do a step over from foot to head! Krista looked concerned but I said OK. Megan told all of the girls to take their shoes off. When one ask why, Megan said "You are going to want to be able to feel this step, trust me!" I bent my knees up to give a good center step location and Megan showed everyone how to do it. She placed her left foot right on my groin area, to the hisses and howls of several young ladies, and proceeded to step up and on with her full weight. Now if you remember, Megan weighs 155 pounds, so trust me I could tell she was there. She just smiled and said now you know what you want to feel as we go on. She then stepped over by placing her right foot on my chest and continued her forward movement over my head. "That is a two step, step over foot to head" she said. Several giggles from the girls and they started to get ready. Was I? I looked and guess who was first in line with a BIG smile on her face? Yep, Shelly. I said "Go ahead, just leave something for everyone else to step on!" She placed her foot and stepped up and on. My groin was flattened big time. She stepped up and over and my chest took a beating as she landed with her other foot and shifted her weight. 201 pounds coming down straight on your sternum up and down causes some pain.

Trust me! The next girl stepped up and on, she only weighed about 110 so it was easy. The next several girls were all under 130 pounds so it was not to bad except that my chest was already really sore and this was not helping. As the girls picked up the pace somewhat I could feel my groin area growing harder and harder. I could tell some of the girls were feeling it by the looks on their faces as they stepped up and on. It continued getting harder and harder until finally it was solid as a rock. About this time birthday girl Sam stepped on and said "Now it feels like we are walking on a piece of pipe" and everybody howled. Now the pace really picked up as everyone wanted a turn to "feel" this step. I was taking a beating both down there and on my chest. Megan suddenly said "OK everybody, as you step up and on, just stop for a second and take 2 quick bounces and then move on quickly. Let's see who makes it go flat first and then if we can get it back." Krista said "Kevin are you OK with trying that?" I said I was and they started.

The next girl in line was 124 pounds, she stepped up and then bounced twice but was pretty easy. The next girl was only a few pounds heavier and stepped up and bounced but bounced very hard. My head came up off the ground as she landed hard on my groin. She then stepped on my chest and off. I can see this is going to get rough. Each girl was getting harder and harder with her bounces. Finally Shelly stepped back up on and took two real hard bounces. I thought her foot was going right thru me, but to my surprise as well as her's I stayed hard as a rock. "OK listen up, instead of 2 bounces, everybody gets 10 seconds to bounce and then move on quickly" said Megan. I looked and Sue was next in line. She looked concerned about hurting me but had already been on me several times. "Go for it Sue, don't worry" I said. She stepped up and on with her full 181 pounds and started bouncing medium. Not real hard but not real light for her size either. I wasn't sure I was going to make it but I did and she moved on.

Everybody was talking between themselves about how neat this was and how it felt so cool. Everybody wanted to be the one to flatten me! A couple of the lighter girls really bounced hard when they had 10 seconds and I was getting very sore. When they would land sometimes they would land directly on top of him and other times he would shoot to one side or the other and get squeezed on the side. 12 girls had done the long jumps and here came Megan, Sue, and Shelly all in a line. No way will I survive this.

Megan got on and starting bouncing and kept bouncing higher and harder with each landing. As soon as her foot left my groin Sue stepped up and on and started hard right from the start. About half way thru I really tensed up and someone yelled "The end is near!". Sue kept jumping and just as her 10 seconds was up it started to give out and Shelly's weight hit it hard. As her weight came down on top of it, it went flat right underneath her. She took one or two bounces and knew it was flat. My undershorts were soaked. Shelly stepped off and the next girl was only about 108 pounds, almost like Krista, she stepped on and said wow, what a difference.

I was still reeling in delightful feelings at this point. She took a couple of jumps and stepped off. A few other girls stepped on and did the same thing. Sam came over and said, "Do I get to completely finish him off?" With that she stepped up on with her 175 pounds and looked at me and smiled and started to rock her foot around some. Amazingly he started to come back up a little bit. She started a real gentle walking in place on him and he grew again. She then placed her foot directly in the middle and stepped down full weight, it actually hurt now after all the beating and she starting bouncing. Everybody was cheering her on and she kept getting harder and harder on her bounces and after about 30 seconds of her constant bouncing I tensed up and squealed as he let loose again. She stopped bouncing and just stood there and "rode him down".

She stepped off and said, "I think I killed it!" as everybody was laughing. Several of the girls knelt down and gave me kisses and said thanks. After several minutes I was able to get up and sit down on the chair and rest. As the party wound down and the girls started leaving, I think every single girl came over to me, most of them sat on my lap and gave me a big hug and a kiss and thanked me. I thanked every single one of them for the best night of my life.